Does size matter?

does size matter?

Watching porn can really make you question a lady’s honesty when she pays your other member a size based compliment. I mean some of those guys are just freaks of nature on novocaine. Yes, novocaine is a real drug that is known to desensitize the skin and not just a made up drug from a Frank Ocean song but this isn’t a post about pharmaceuticals. I am here today to talk about size and I will confess to my prude nature making me cringe with every word but here we go.

The first thing you need to know is that the average vagina is only 4inches deep but it will stretch to accommodate pretty much anything within reason. I mean as long as your penis isn’t bigger than a baby then she will survive, but I cannot guarantee that it would be comfortable though. So I guess you could say too big is a no no. No one wants an anaconda slithering through their belly making their liver shift.

So what about too small? The G-spot is only about two inches in and surely if you can meet the minimum requirement of four inches then you should be alright, right? Ermm…no..ish. As with most things regarding women it is never as simple as it seems.

Studies that monitored female brain activity noticed that women got more sexually excited by taller men and longer penises. All subjects were of similar muscle tone and shoulder to waist ratio. As we have seen with Fifty Shades of Grey and the million other erotica books in stores, the majority of what goes into female sexual gratification goes on in the woman’s head. Size doesn’t really matter but for physical appearances you will do well to be past the five inch mark. The rest is now down to what you do with it.

Written by William Moore -
Written by William Moore –

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  1. Lol great information…..size doesn’t matter? For some reason it seems I attract men with small penises….weird I need to see 50 shades of grey to verify

  2. This blog post is not well informed and explanatory. I would advise you to take some mini interviews and ask some females about your topic. You can then post such along with your post to herald what some ladies think. Take a view from 25 to 34 years old ladies. Thanks.

  3. Size doesn’t matter scientifically, but matters when the woman thinks it matters.. but it doesn’t matter when it comes to get the job done… sex is too psycho for anyone to restrict it to size… six pack and good thigh muscle makes many shiver and for the rare one, they want some belly fat.. what matters is always defined by the ladies.

  4. This are the kinda things that make me smile genuinely. It is soo true, especially the last sentence, even if you’re incredible Hulk down there, “how well can you utilize your equipment?”

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