Yaay! Its Hangout with Elsieisy

Hangout with Elsieisy

God day lovelies!

How is the weekend going? I have to attend a wedding today somewhere in Festac, Lagos, Nigeria. I probably will share my looks later in the day or just keep it all for the ‘Hangout with Elsieisy’, the fact that I am not photogenic just doesn’t make me a camera lover. Any type of camera!

I told you our meeting will be happening sooner than you think and yes it is happening very soon. I am very very excited to meet you and I hope you feel the same way.


Asides having to meet me in person and be able to ask me all the questions you’ve had in mind, clear assumption, ‘Hangout with Elsieisy’ will be all this blog is – Educating, exciting, interactive, inspiring, creative and fun. It’s a gathering you don’t want to miss even if this is the first post you are reading on this blog.

We’d be having guest speakers to enlighten us on bugging relationship matters, inspiring you to forge ahead and helping you become a better entrepreneur.

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There will be spoken words by people I like to call ‘wordsmiths’, playlet, music, comedy, food/drinks and so much more.

It’s a tiny part of a very big dream coming true which will hold on the 12th of September 2015 at the prestigious Heritage centre, Raymond Njoku, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Click here to attend.

More details coming up soon, so if you are yet to make up your mind, then you will get to know who the guest speakers are and why you shouldn’t miss the event.

Looking forward to our hangout.

For suggestion, partnership, Sponsor and for advert placement, do send a mail to elsieisy@gmail.com. Thank you.

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