Modify your mind

modify your mind

We who have the mind of Christ can only cultivate his way of looking at things.

You need to modify your mind.

If you have the mind of Christ, no one and nothing on the outside can influence you.

When you have the mind of Christ, you have an independent mind. When you have and independent mind, what people say about you, the circumstances around you, whatever you are going through, cannot not change what you believe.

Remember for many years, you talked failure and failure gripped you. You talked fear and fear gripped you.

Now it is time to serve the Lord in faith and in truth.

Are you ready to serve the Lord in faith and in truth?

If you are, then, you should be prepared. Because anything close to God receives attack.

That preparation has to do with mind management.

To modify your mind is to put on the new man by renewing your mind with God’s word and by surrendering your body to the authority of that word.

In other words, make God’s word the standard for your thinking, your walking and your talking.

May the Lord bless his word in your heart and give you the grace to do what the word says.


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