The House X

SESANBoka, taken care of. I walked down the street lost in thought of how this whole scenario sef could be beneficial and how to make it a small circle. It was going to have to be just me and Bello. The walk to konigba suddenly seemed too long considering the fact that it was just a few streets away o. I increased my pace till the uncompleted building a woman had converted to a jedi selling joint came into view. Then I slowed down as I made my way in.This joint could get you anything you needed around the area, from good weed to stolen phones..everything was here, pretty damn sure you could get a human being for sale sef if you asked the right person. Underground runs boys were always around. One corner of the house was a local gambling casino, from cards to dice, it was all room was out of its league when compared to this place. Seen fights break out over twenty naira, yeah I said it…twenty naira. This just wasn’t a place for the faint hearted. I reduced my visits here after police had raided a few months ago looking for boys who had robbed the SLOT branch at surulere. Since then I never came here for business anymore just for the Jedi. Today though was one for business.”Ha Oga wa, you come here today..wetin we go kill”..Iya Konigba(no one could tell what was her real name sef) hailed me as I entered the building. A few rough looking guys seated around her table full of different kinds of mixtures raised their glasses at me in greeting. I nodded my head a little in reply. Here, you never know who is who.”Mama ni yen, I just say make I stroll come. All my waist don wan kill me for house” sharp excuse for coming today.”How you want am?” She asked happily, customer things.”Just plain jedi, no put ogogoro”..I stood by her side as she mixed up the ‘magical’ concotions in a small disposable cup. I looked around in search of Bello, he wasn’t here. Then he must be in the betting corner. That guy too like money, these days it was beginning to scare me. I hated when people loved money than I do. It simply meant they would be more motivated. Meant so to me anyways.Iya konigba finished mixing up my drink and gave it to me as I replied her with a fifty naira note..menn, that was the last cash in my pocket but all na for business. I thanked her as I walked with my drink to the betting corner…I found Bello seated right in the middle of the betting activity. Fuck up, Ben was with him. Mtschew! Wetin this Igbo boy dey find up and down na! Anyway, I hailed the boys around and if only you could hear the kind of voices that replied me. Thick, scary voices that could make the devil rethink. I stood for a few minutes and watched. It was dice going on and luckily for me, Bello wasn’t playing. He was just seated in the middle forming chairman, this guy sha!”Bello, how far? Show na, talk dey.” I said as I started walking towards a window.Bello looked up undecided if he should leave his exalted seat and come listen to whatever I had to say or just bench me till later. I guess he finally decided whatever I had to say would be more profitable. He stood up, bad luck was Ben stood up with him.”Come Benji, na you dem call abi why you dey follow me?!”…Sharp dude…”Two of una dey mad! Parole don dey ground and una wan comot me for setting. Dis one, I must feature inside the film!”..omo, Ben don kolo o, I almost bursted out laughing but then again I thought it over. Ben too was a sharp fellow when it came to runs just that one women were involved, his judgement could be pretty clouded. I decided to let him in.”Bello free am, make he fall in”…Bello looked at me with a raised eyebrow and shrugged. Three of us stood by the window, watching the fellows gambling as I thought of how to start the explanation. Wo, any whichway jare.”Una go believe if I tell una say Latifah wan dey pay Yemisi to dey teach Bode how to fuck”…I dropped the bombshell.”Come again!” got it, it was Ben.”You blind for ear ni? Abi too much jedi don dey worry you?”…Bello bursted out laughing as he let the news sink in.”Sesan,wetin you dey talk funny bajebaje”..”Haa, you think say I dey joke ni?””How Latifah go dey pay Yemisi to teach Bode how to fuck? Why she no go fit teach am herself?”..”I serious jare..thing wey I hear with my own ears, no b say them say. Even Boka catch me for where I stand dey hear the matter”..”Ehen, where you stand?”..Ben again”I go piss for that their window side ni, I con dey hear both of them dey talk for inside room”..There was silence till Bello broke it..”If we look am sef, nothing wey we fit do for now wey go pay us abi you wan tell Bode ni?””Tell Bode ke? Make he learn small jare. I dey reason how the whole matter go profit us”..”We fit use this dey fuck those girls for free oo” ..Ben don start to dey jam talk.Bello and I looked at him and shook our heads in unison.”Benji when you go ever get sense?”The silence came again.”Boka too hear?”..Bello, always a step ahead.”No, but he dey suspect say why I stand there. Say I dey eavesdrop on the ashewos. I sha give am format say I hear say Mimi and Lepa rob one of their customers”..”Haa, you go lie that kain thing give boka? The weyreh go dey reason how to go tax those girls ni”…”He no get the mind jare”..Ben put in.”Abi na, as I tell am..he go dey find person wey he go do backup for go tax the girls. And only people wey he fit go meet na three of us wey dey here. Abi shey na Bode sef wey no get mind he wan go meet? Abi na Loco wey still dey find how he go beat am?..or u dey reason say he go go meet Uti and that one no go slap am”..I bursted out laughing as I visualized the scene of Uti picking Boka with one hand and slapping him.BOKA”You sure about this thing wey you dey tell me so, ehn Boka”..See wahala o, how many time Uti go ask me this question. I manage get confidence tell am all the thing wey Sesan tell me and he still dey ask if I sure.”Uti, shey if I no sure I go come your room ni?!”..abi wetin make I talk again.Na so the yeye boy abi na man I go call am stand up o. He no even wear shirt, chei see chest o…why my mama go marry man wey short born me? Ehn, shey she no suppose reason am say she no tall, na tall man she suppose marry abi fuck ni? I no know wetin dey always worry women.”How much be the money sef before we know wetin to do”..another question but wait o, me sef no even know the money. Sesan no mention the amount. Chei but if I tell Uti now say I no sabi the amount, he fit go slap abi punch me say why I con dey waste him time. Na so I look up, face we stand be like David and Goliath matter…”Na around one fifty thouSAN”.. Na the amount wey enter my head I just call for am.”Hmm one fifty bad, we fit collect the fifty ontop as our tax and security levy”…Correct! The only problem wey go dey now na say make the money sef reach one fifty thouSAN.. And if e pass, na our luck. Omo but if the money no go reach one fifty thouSAN wey d girl steal nko? Chei, na to start to dey find new accomodation be that o..”No worry then, make night reach. I go reason how to do am”…Correct!BODE.Only God knows when I slept off but it was pretty dark when I woke up. I stood up and manage to find the bulb switch in the dark and flicked it. Fuck, no light sef. I started gropping around for my phone in the dark. Found it and checked the time. It was 8:30, damn as I remembered the lessons I was supposed to start. God, please let this girl not have gone to work o as I started rushing to get a new boxers and shirt on. Got a short on too that was easy to take off then slide a thousand naira note into the pockets as I got out of the room and started walking hurriedly to the other side of the compound. Damn, even forgot to lock the room door. I paused, undecided if to go back and lock up or just sharply go fuck. My head picked the latter…approaching ‘Aso Rock’ as they called it. I could see something like a torch light reflexing through the room windows. Wait first, if it was another girl I met there. What would I say I was there for? I shrugged and proceeded to knock. God please, let it be was my dick actually saying the prayer.”Yes who be dat?!” A feminine voice rang out. I couldn’t say if it was Yemisi or not.”Sorry, I’m looking for Yemisi”..I skipped introducing myself. Goodluck with that.”Wait, I dey come”Thank God oo! I jumped up in the air. You should have see the little samba dance I did.The door opened and I saw another lady. Damn! She was pretty tall and about my height, I couldn’t  see her face properly with the illuminated light but I could make out her shape and It was killing. She was fully dressed and before I could take that in,she spoke..”Yemisi, person dey find you o! I don go my own o!!!” She shouted back into the room as she walked passed me and left. Thank God, I said as I walked in and looked around for a place to sit. The room was scanty even with the low light, I could still see a little. I found a chair to sit in.”Wait, abeg I dey come. I dey baff o”..she shouted out from within. Nice! So these girls had their own in built bathroom. Landlord must really like them.”Ok”..then it struck me that I didn’t come with a condom. Damn damn!I was busy cursing myself to notice her presence. A dark shadow made me look up..oh boy, she only had a towel wrapped around her and those hips of hers! Triple damn!”You late o, I wan dey go out”..”So how are we going to do it?”..I swallowed, what kind of useless sleep got me?!”We no fit do anything tonight, time don go”My face literally dropped. I have to wait another twenty four hours to get a fuck?. She must have noticed my face because she spoke up..”You know wetin, come fuck me sef make we first know wetin you sabi”..My face shone like a billion stars, you should have seen the smile on my face. It was wider than the atlantic.”You sure?”…her reply was to drop her towel. My dick was at full stretch! I had to put a hand into my shorts to calm it. She turned around and walked to the torch on the table and switched it we were in total darkness.”Oya do quick how you wan fuck me””Doggy”..I pulled my shorts and boxers down. No condom, ha God protect your boy o but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I moved close to where I presumed she was. I reached out my hand and grabbed her hips to be sure…I grabbed a handful of her ass and squeezed and couldn’t imagine I was about fucking the life of it. She bent over as I held my dick with the other hand and aimed for her pussy. Then I drove in…
“Haaa!!! Na the wrong hole be that ooo!!!”

Written by BASS @OlumiCFC

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