Faith as Defined by Joy Isi Bewaji: Do You Agree?

Faith as Defined by Joy Isi Bewaji: Do you agree? - elsieisy blog

Joy Isi Bewaji is the Managing Director at Happenings Radio and she shared this beautiful piece on Faith, yesterday on her Facebook wall. Read and share your thought;

Faith as Defined by Joy Isi Bewaji: Do you agree? - elsieisy blog
Joy Isi Bewaji

Faith is knowing that you’d make a decent presentation at your next corporate meeting because you are good at this stuff.Faith is a rise in your savings when you feed it financially as often as is required.Faith is an extra tyre in your trunk.It is a glass of juice after a meal.Faith is checking out a size 12 dress on a mannequin and acknowledging that cut right at the middle will ruin your tummy fat… or that plumb will thin out your waist.Faith is preparing your kids for a new school session- all the stuff to make learning convenient.It is booking a flight and getting there one hour before take-off to get your luggage in.Faith is harmattan in December, longer days in April.Faith is buying a new bicycle and finding all the screws inside the pack.Faith is your hair still on your head after taking out a one-month old weave.Faith is the screams of a three year old when her favourite toy is destroyed.Faith is your death in the hands of a violent boyfriend you refuse to walk away from.Faith is the hollow in a doughnut.It is yoke in an egg.Faith is aspirin taking care of headache.It is menstrual cycle showing up after 28 days.Faith is the confidence you bring into your life.If the engine of the car knocks out, faith is getting that money to buy another one. It’s dead. It’s gone. Get another one.Faith is the quick prayer you choose to hold as you plunge into the Atlantic when your plane crashes, so you can embrace death peacefully.Faith is cutting off your breasts so cancer doesn’t spread.Faith is life.It is our everyday interaction… our convictions… the simple choices we make.It is not an event that happens once in every hundred years.Faith is getting up every morning to attend to your job. It is the money you earn at the end of the month that robes you in self-worth.Faith is staying broke when you’ve done absolutely nothing productive with your life.It is our daily phenomenon.It is the life options you make with the brain God has given to you… and the consequences thereof.

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  1. Faith is basically what we do everyday and the plans we make. However, i see a mixture of FATE in between the post which would be due to our actions and in-actions as the case may be.

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