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For many years, we read the book of Genesis every quarter during our morning devotion and I read every verse without much understanding of it but few weeks ago, I was doing a private study of the same book Genesis and God opened my eyes to many things but the one I would like to ponder on in this post is in “chapter 20:6”. I would state it in different translations so that we all can have a comprehensive understanding of what I’m trying to elucidate.

It states:

KJV: And God said unto him in the dream, yea, I know that thou didst this in the integrity of thy heart; for I also withheld thee from sinning against me: therefore I suffered thee not to touch her.

MSG: God said to him in the dream, yes I know your intentions were pure that is why I kept you from sinning against me.

NIV: Then God said to him in the dream, yes I know you did this with a clear conscience and so I kept you from sinning against me.

AMP: God said to him in the dream, yes, I know you did this in the integrity of your heart, for it was I who kept you back and spared you from sinning against me.

As I was reading this verse of the scripture, I busted into tongues. Not that I’m one SPIRIKOKO who prays 24hours a day and 7 days a week but because of the revelation I got from it.It’s so simple, God knows your faults and frails, He knows the lust of flesh, eyes and pride of life you are struggling with. He knows those times that all you wanted to do was have a little taste but ended up eating(now you know what I’m talking about) He knows about those times that all you needed was love but people took advantage of you knowing how helpless you were.He knows that you actually went out all for money so that you could pay bills and have food on your table.just your heart

Abimelech saw Sarah and his head stood attention. And the next thing he did was to ask Abraham who is this fair and beautiful lady to you and immediately Abraham said she is my sister. He(Abi) said Oya give her to me and Abraham said okay sir (father Abraham, another man said to you: guy please I want that woman with you for a wife and he said “as your lordship pleases” mummy Sarah, another man took you away from your husband and you willingly followed him “hian”) “Trying to paint the scenario”God sat up there and was just watching His children doing their transaction then in the night He woke uncle Abi and said you are dead!! Ah! Why? For what? I asked them na and they both said same thing but God see o, I haven’t slept with her, I haven’t even touched her then God said I know that, I know you have struggled with the lust of the flesh, I know you want every good thing in life to be yours only, I know you have got weaknesses but in the midst of it, I God also know you have me in mind, I know you always want to make me happy, I know you fear me and want to please me at all cost THAT WAS WHY I WITHHELD YOU FROM SINNING AGAINST ME.

Meaning that even in the midst of the mess that you are in right now, all God is looking out for is your heart. Do you genuinely want to serve God? Do you genuinely want to abstain from sexual sin but in one way or the other you see yourself going back, do you intentionally want to live for God? My dear that is all that matters. YOUR HEART, YOUR WILL, YOUR SINCERITY, YOUR OPENNESS AND WILLINGNESS TO ACCEPT your mistakes. When God sees your heart like He did in the case of Abimelech, He will ALWAYS keep you from sinning against Him, He has a way of taking your mind off that thing that seem like a barrier to you because He loves you that much and would do ANYTHING for you.

Written by Dora Ndidi

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  1. i like……. no, I love. This is sooooooo true. when God sees that you are struggling with sin, he makes it easier for you to overcome. I needed this! Thank you.

  2. Yes, spot on…brilliant revelation. The steps God takes to safeguard us against ourselves hey! Thank you and You

  3. On point! I had a powerful experience with God recently and this was exactly what I needed. I bless God for Dora who wrote this and I thank Elsie for sharing!

  4. Our Father makes us pure spotless lambs like Christ in bad mistakes or minor – when we allow Him with our hearts and mouth. Out of the abundance of our heart our mouth speaks. Any moral hang-up we read about, reminds us that we have Christ Jesus, the tree of abundant life and grace. We are free and without shame when we aren’t reminded of sin but of our identity in Him. We are in Him!

  5. Nice one. God knows our weaknesses that is why His strength is made perfect. Thank you.

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