Miracles from Heads to Heels

As I praised God this morning for his goodness and mercies over me and my beloved family, I suddenly realized that our bodies are indeed full of miracles. There are so many things we do without thinking that are miracles to others. Your eyes that see are miracles to the blind with eyes that cannot see. Your legs that can walk are miracles to the cripple. Your ears that can hear are miracles to the deaf. Your tongue that can speak is a miracle to the dumb. Our bodies are full of complex organs and systems performing functions that are miraculous to some people. For this, we must show some gratitude to God.

I recently recalled a song we used to sing at the elementary school during lunch break:

Some have food but cannot eat.Some can eat but have no food.We have food and we can eat.Glory be to thee, O Lord.

I gave a deep thought to the song and saw that having food to eat and being able to eat are wonderful privileges God has given to us. You need to see the statistics of hungry people in the world today. Some people find it difficult to sleep. Yet you sleep without taking sleeping pills. Some sleep and get slain in their sleep. But you woke up in good health and you feel God is not good because there is no money in your bank account. From sleeping to eating, from breathing to walking, they are all miracles of a sort. We are moving miracles! The Word of God says let everything that has breath praise the Lord. The breath of life you have is priceless. See how people are praying to God to preserve Nelson Mandela’s life. If the breath of life can be purchased, then they would be no need to pray. Breath cannot be bought with wealth. It can’t be bought, so appreciate God for yours.

There was a day I boarded a bus. The conductor was a little boy. I was disturbed at a point as I wondered at the way the boy moved and shouted to attract potential commuters. As I pitied the boy, it came to me that there are boys who are of the same age with this boy who can’t walk or who are dead. I began to see that the boy still has some reasons to be thankful to God even in that situation. In that situation you have found yourself, you still have one or two reasons to thank God if you think deeply.

There are privileges or opportunities you are enjoying that you probably take for granted. It is when those privileges are withdrawn that you will realize the manifold mercies of God. May God baptize us with the spirit of gratitude. As you pray for miracles to happen in your life, never forget that you are miracles from your head to heels!


idowu omisore
Written by Idowu Omisore – @idgreatness

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  1. God is good!!! when I am down because things are not going exactly how I planned, i stop and say thank God because plenty people are trying harddd to get to where I am.Lovely lovely post!!!

  2. so so true. sometimes in our bid for something else that we want we forget to be grateful for what we already have. sometimes i have to pinch myself and count my blessings instead of lamenting.

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