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#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 17. Written by @Omobabapension, He blogs at

It’s amazing how the truth stares at you glaringly and we Nigerians choose to be deceived. Well, it’s about our pastors and G.Os and this very articles will have names behind their words and actions. These people are just motivational speakers that found how to use the word of God to their own benefit.

Take for example the picture, an interview of Pastor Chris Okotie with a punch newspaper representative, and he is quoted “That is why 27years ago I had nothing, but through a progressive application of the word of God, I have appropriated soul prosperity and material blessings. That is why I was able to pay N33m for the Range Rover Autobiography 2014 Executive and just over N120m for the Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe 2014 Bespoke Edition

Whose money did he pay with? A widow’s mite or a pauper’s tithe? Maybe a minimum wage earner with a family or maybe his business earnings (which is funded by his ministry) paid for the cars. Guess he even bought it under his ministry’s name to avoid tax (give to Caesar what is his) Classic. He even compared pastors with Solomon, but sir, Solomon was a “KING” not the high priest, which by the way was held by Zadok and he didn’t cruise around in a Thoroughbred or Mustang. Solomon had every right to be lavish with taxpayers (not widow’s mite) money (he wasn’t elected) and that’s what monarchy is about. I reckon he preaches with big words and in this particular interview, he didn’t even grace it with one. I’m guessing his preaching are premeditated/rehearsed which means he’s a phony (trust me, God supports this article) preacher, who at the end of the day was after the wealth. “Say Ahan Ahan

Moving on! I wonder why people keep going to Shiloh year after year. Is it that hearing Bishop D. Oyedepo (Papa) talk about himself “Every last month of the year” at Canaan land means God will answer your prayers? Or is that not going means you will never achieve anything in your life? Aren’t you tired of one man come on the altar (which is now a stage, will get to that later) and flaunt his ego (the size of Canaan land itself) and tell you “when I needed….” Line or “when God told me….” Line every year? HIAN!!!! He told us when God called him, he told him to “drop everything“, years later, his very rich and he remembers he studied architecture in school, he picks up the profession, what funded the company? #questionForThegods… To his altar becoming a stage, Ooni of Ife (Iku Baba Yeye) once gave a speech on it with his cap on. That’s all.

On to redemption camp, where Pastor E.A Adeboye (Daddy) gave this year’s prophecy. What is Prophecy? According to it is “A prediction of the future, made under divine inspiration“, and says according to the theologians it is “A message of divine truth, revealing God’s will“. Having this in mind, our dear G.O as usually had his yearly prophecy and one that caught my eye (all his previous ones are logically, but this made me wonder) goes thus “2014 will determine whether Nigeria will remain by 2015”. So there’s a wager going on in heaven amongst the angels “God will split it odds against he won’t 12-6” and God is still having diplomatic meetings with who knows who deciding whether to split the country or not, and by December 2014, he will come to a decision depending on we Nigerians. “Somebody shout hallelujah!”

Coming down to Illupeju, our beloved Pastor Taiwo will tell us his autobiography in every topic on every Sunday. So we left our homes to come and hear you tell us about your past, or the conversations between you, your wife and your progeny? Didn’t know we were coming for some Jimi Solanke gathering. My last day there had him preaching about his wardrobe (he doesn’t repeat a suit) and got me wondering if he models for YSL or he pays for it with his church salary (his church by the way) wonder what funds the church runs on. To have a salary then income must be made. Oho a widow’s mite also. Hian!!!No one is left out here. We heard of a church member steal money from his employer (Sheraton Hotel) and buy generator for the church (Christ Embassy) and he was denied and stolen property wasn’t returned by the church, that won’t be the first time though, as we heard of the Intercontinental boss and RCCG. We all know God chose Saul and he left him also, if God actually was with some of them, I can tell you he has left them, because when he was with Saul, people rallied around him, he left Saul and people still rallied around him for the sake of his past glories.

God inspires you to write a book or make an audio tape or video tape and you sell it to the congregation, the poor amongst them are not entitled the words of God because you are all the mouth piece of the Almighty and nothing more. You have taken advantage of Nigerians naivety and decided to live like kings off your congregations sweat and you call it blessings, that’s plain capitalism. They do of better than known business men in the country and I won’t be surprised to wake up one morning, open the dailies (newspaper) business section and see that a church has been listed on the Nigerian stock exchange (NSE), be sure to know that I will certainly buy shares there, because it’s just Good Business.Word for the wise “A person is smart, people are dumb“. Safe

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  1. Well said, and I wonder why some Nigerians are so blinded by God knows what. Some pastors using church money to contest elections and buy private jets. Well, there is God ooo, and he will judge too when the time comes.

  2. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling. its time for us to know God for ourselves not based on someone’s experience. i have learnt not to judge anyone but to walk with God so that my life will be better. if its not written in the bible, I’m not bound to it. no matter who says it. #knowGodforyou.

  3. Well I don’t seeing buying of expensive properties as a bad thing . Do you know how he got to where he is now……dont do God’s work for him…#dontjudge#

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