3 important things you should know about feeling useless

3 important things you should know about feeling useless

I’m tired of feeling worthless. I’m tired of feeling hopeless. But above all, I’m tired of feeling tired – Unknown

So you feel inferior and worthless all the time. You feel so useless that you just can’t help it.You are so lousy and empty. No one understands your situation and people think you are just an unhappy personality.Do you know that as long as you keep feeling inferior, certain significant events are taking place in your world?Well! Here are 3 important Things you should know about Feeling Useless: 

  1. People Suffer Because of You

By feeling useless, you are making people to suffer.There are people who will not be able to make a difference because of your negative state of emotion.These people will not be able to draw wisdom from your uniqueness. They will not be able to overcome their challenges by connecting with your personal experience.These people will never learn to embrace mistakes from your courage. They will never be able to shine because of your essence.By holding on to being worthless, you are making other people unconsciously do the same

You are a piece of the puzzle of someone else’s life. You may never know where you fit, but others will fill the holes in their lives with pieces of you. — Bonnie Arbon


  1.  You are Cheating on Inspiration

By feeling worthless, you are cheating on inspiration.By feeling insignificant, you make inspiration look like a liar and let it publicly be disgraced and abused.You make a joke out of inspiration and you get rid of its existence when you say to its face that you don’t have a Voice.You make inspiration weep when you refuse to become responsible and blame others for your situation. You make inspiration sad when you ditch it for Excuse.By feeling useless, you are being unfaithful to Inspiration. 

  1. The Death of A Dream 

When your time will eventually come to an end.Your dream will walk into the room and pay its last respects to you. It will bid farewell to the man who had never used it.Your Dream would sadly ask you. Why did you not realize me?”…What would be your answer?“I was afraid and felt useless.“I thought I had nothing to offer”…“I was afraid I would fail”…” No one would listen to me.”I had no voice to pursue you”” I had no skills, no money and no resources.”“There was no one to assist me”……” I was waiting for the right moment to make a difference. I was seeking a sign to pursue you my dream”……“I just didn’t have the time to pursue you. I had so much to do”………..No matter your response. You will discover that you never attempted to pursue your dreams. By holding on to the fear of being useless, you led to the Death of Your Dream. You kept hoping for the right moment, pleading with Time to give you a chance till Tomorrow to pursue your dreams while you took the advice of Excuse and followed the ways of Worthless. By feeling useless and with much regret, you have failed by not pursuing your dreams. So while tears roll gently down your cheeks, you realize this costly mistake which is too late to correct.Your Dream gives its final words and bids you farewell as you both disappear abyss.

“You need only have taken the first step and I would have taken one to meet you… for the only thing that ever separated us was the thought in your mind and the lack of trust in yourself that you could not have me.” ——-Dream

 3 important things you should know about feeling uselessOver To YouSo there my friend are 3 important things you should know about feeling useless.What are the things that happen in your life when you feel useless? Do share with usCulled from awazieikechi.com

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  1. o my God! ure soo right. Thanks for sharing dis lovely piece. i think all of dese is jst for me.. i’d av 2 start working on maself.

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