How to get rid of POTBELLY

Last Monday we had an article on Habits that cause potbelly where I promised to give tips on how to get rid of potbelly if you already have it. Like I said it takes a lot of discipline and hard work to get rid of potbelly. It is always easier to get a potbelly than to get rid of it. It is hereby not an easy task but you have to be determined to get a result.

Here are few pointers to the kind of hard work you should start practicing after reading this article:

1)  Do not eat late

If you’ve already eaten three main meals by the time 7:00 p.m. rolls around, eating anything more will add to your calorie total for the day and may result in you eating past your caloric needs. If you begin to eat more calories than you burn on a consistent basis because you continue to eat into the late hours every night, you will gradually build up a calorie surplus that will show up as weight gain.

If you tend to snack or eat dessert after dinner every night, you could be adding a significant amount of calories to your diet without being aware of it, especially if you eat while watching TV or doing something that distracts you from your food. Just 1 cup of rich chocolate ice cream, for example, has more than 375 calories, 25 g sugar and 25 g fat. A 2-oz. serving of salted potato chips has more than 300 calories, 20 g fat and nearly 300 mg sodium.


2)  Core Exercise

Aerobic exercise burns calories that add to your daily deficit. Although 150 minutes of moderate cardio a week can result in health benefits, the U.S. DHHS recommends doing up to 300 minutes of moderate cardio a week to lose weight. You can walk briskly, go jogging, swim laps, ride a bike or jump rope. Find activities that you enjoy so you’re more likely to stick to your workout routine. Group sports often double as a fun social engagement. There’s no need to overexert yourself during cardio; a moderate exercise pace that still allows you to talk to a workout buddy is sufficient.

The best exercise you can do to get rid of a pot belly stomach is to combine aerobic exercise with anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise can help you burn fat and anaerobic exercise can help you build muscle, which in turn helps to burn fat.

Aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise work together to get the most complete workout for any fitness goals. When you are targeting your pot belly there are certain exercises you can do for both types of exercises that concentrate on the abdominals.

Certain types of exercise are specifically designed for the core of your body; your abdominals. Pilates is a total body workout that concentrates on the core throughout. Certain floor exercises, such as abdominal crunches, also focus on the stomach.

Any aerobic exercise that causes you to sweat is going to help you burn calories and fat. Swimming, walking, and general aerobic routines are all good ways to get rid of a pot belly stomach.


3)  Quite Casual snaking

Losing, maintaining or gaining weight can mean just a very small difference in energy intake on a daily basis. So think twice before grabbing a snack that isn’t a piece of fat-free, low-calorie fruit


4)  Eat less carbohydrate and fatty foods

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services favors safe weight loss at a rate of one to two pounds per week triggered by a daily deficit of 500 to 1,000 calories. Part of this deficit is accumulated by eating fewer calories. You can reduce your portions and cut down on foods that are high in sugar, cholesterol, salt and trans and saturated fats; don’t give in to soda, cookies, chips and fattening fast foods. Filling, nutritious foods such as whole grains, veggies, fruits, reduced-fat dairy and lean protein should make up the majority of your meals.


5)  Watch your post work-out dosage

Don’t use the fact you’ve been to the gym as an excuse to eat more, You may feel you’ve worked but to get the fat off it has to be your diet – along with exercise – that changes.

6)  Light burst exercise

Use stairs instead of escalators, get off the bus one stop earlier and leave the car at home for short trips. University of Virginia, USA, studies show you can lose weight four times quicker by adding light bursts of exercise – up to 30 minutes in total – into your daily schedule.

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  1. This will really help especially for the ladies with big tummies……#turnoff….Nice post though..

  2. “Do not eat late” is an important point as discussed above in detail! By the way, the list is really brilliant. I appreciate your hard work. I hope people will like these words. Please keep up the good work!

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