A BREAK-UP in time saves TIME

Her brain tells her “Leave him alone, he isn’t good for you. Why are you still here? He isn’t going to change. He is not your future husband. You guys argue too much, you always have constant misunderstandings. You did everything you could to make him happy. You’re not the wrong one here. It isn’t the same as it used to be. Some reasons are pulling you away from him and you think you deserve better than this. Fine he has been making you happy but you do not match in some things” She thinks going on with him, she will be hurt the more or she will be wasting his time. She thinks dumping him is the only option. Seriously she is a little bit confused now.

But, her heart tells her ‘We’ve been through too much to give up now. I’m too attached. We have too much history. I know I should leave, but I can’t because he has been my true love. I won’t allow myself too. Now she says “I love him too much now and I can’t let him go”. Yeah, it’s different now, but maybe if he sees me being good to him, giving him sex, he will start being the way he was before again. And we can bring back the good times. I can’t imagine him with another lady; I can’t afford to lose him, it hurts to even think about it. I will give him everything he wants, provided he will stay with me!

Most ladies have refused to let go of that abusive relationship she finds herself! You feel you can’t do without that brother who treats you badly, you think of letting go but then some part of you tells you to stay because there no perfect people on earth. You get dumped, you cry, you swear never to fall in love again but still another stranger comes into your life, he tells you that you will never get hurt he will never break your heart like the way your ‘ex’ did, you accepted him, you end up trusting again and giving in your fragile heart hence getting heartbroken again…. You hate love again, you tagged all men to be wicked and heartless!

Beloved, all men are NOT the same, not all men will break your heart and render you useless! Don’t be quick to go into a relationship! Why are you so desperate? Probably all your friends are getting hooked up and you feel the pressure to get a man quickly! Last Thursday, we had an article titled ‘BEING SINGLE’, I would really appreciate it if you all can go back and read it again! Of a truth, being single is not a ‘curse’, neither is it a ‘status’, it means you are STRONG enough to wait for what is yours! Stop giving your heart to every Tom, Dick and Harry because you will end up regretting at the end! People thinks waiting for the right partner is a waste of but that is a LIE. If you are not mature enough to wait for what is yours, you are probably not mature enough to marry yet! Don’t lose hope, be STRONG, Heaven has good plans for you. Believe me, there is a good, faithful, caring, humble, (or whatever qualities you might want in a man) MAN out there for you! Just be patient.

Written by Blessing Evasmile Ibeh

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  1. I learnt this lesson the hard way!!! spent over 4 years in a relationship that I knew was wrong because I didn’t want to be single. I decided to endure until he finally called it quits. It was a big waste of time, energy and resources. The sad part is that I didn’t even gain anything from it, instead I lost. I have learnt not to waste time in a relationship because a break up in time truly saves time.

  2. Nicely said @shughar……and sorry for whatever you lost…#EXPERIENCE..the best teacher…

  3. This article would have been appropriate for Rihanna, in those days she simply couldn’t get over Chris Brown. lol

  4. This is the truth, the bitter truth. The first have read in a long time to address the wrong reason youth force their way into relationship. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing

  5. Hi guys…facing same right now, had to call it quits but feels so quilty that sometyms I do think of taking him back even though I know in the long run I will still be hurt. Any advice on getting over this feeling?

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