Men cheating or Women cheating, which is forgivable?

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Happy Eid Mubarak to every Muslim readers of, may Allah’s blessings abide with you and your household now and always…Amin

Eid mubarak

I was woken up by a knock on my door this morning. The thing is, I hate being woken up except by my alarm, meaning the alarm was authorized to do so. But guess what? It’s a public holiday! Although I had to work still, I just wanted to enjoy the liberty of sashaying out of my bed whenever I am ready to.However, 😀 , I opened my door to rice and meat very plenty. Oh God bless my neighbor! The anger flew away mehn…all I could ask was, ‘are you guys Muslims?’LOL what else should I have said, I am barely 2months old in the new house and I hardly speak to my neighbors. All I am trying to say is, “the day started out nicely” #DazAllSo a couple of minutes ago I saw an update on someone’s BBM DM –  “If a girl cheats on you once, best you move on ASAP. It will never stop”Then I asked, “And what if a guy cheats on you once?”He replied saying, “they cheat but always come back home”From my own perspective, he is saying it is better for a man to cheat on a woman than for a woman to cheat on a man because they can always cheat but have their heart for one woman but women get emotionally involved with whomever they go to bed with. Meaning it’s advisable to forgive a man when he cheats than for a man to forgive a woman when she cheats (shebi na if you find out sef…shior)This could be right to a certain extent, because, when a woman loves, she loves. She wouldn’t think of cheating on you with any other man until you have pushed her to the extreme. But for men, odi ro necessary (it isn’t necessary), all they need to cheat is to be a man. I actually do hate generalizing on men’s bad side because I know there are good, faithful men out there but I can’t help it due to the ratio margin… So forgive meBut what makes you think a woman cannot go around cheating on a man she loves for one ‘valid’ reason or the other just as men do?I think it is better for men to start realizing that women can do just as much as they can and even more coded while playing the good girlfy/wifey role. If you think you should be forgiven when you cheat because in your mind’s mind, you had it at the back of your mind that you have a girlfriend/wife whom you love and is committed to and just did the cheating for whatever reason you think is ‘valid’, then my dear, we can also think of you all through the while, doing the do.It’s just crazy to think a woman shouldn’t cheat at all but you can because in your opinion, ‘you will always go back home’. How on earth is your lady supposed to know when she started being oshodi under bridge and no longer home?I am not encouraging any lady to cheat. As a matter of fact, if you are in a relationship and then realize you almost can’t resist the urge to try the other side, then as a lady, you should just bow out of the relationship. We really don’t need to gather much bad reputation as men have.However, cheating is cheating!If you always do have a reason to cheat as a man, then a woman can have ‘valid’ reason(s) to cheat as well.

Lets have your opinion, men cheating or women cheating, which is forgivable?

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  1. Hummmmmm, Elsie dear a man can push a good woman to cheat on him, by cheating on her and feeling no remorse whatsoever for his actions, he tells his fling when fling ask who Boo is to him ,he says boo is just desperate and need someone to hang on too, and fling tells boo she’s just desperate, Elsie it hurts forever not just for awhile. Boo have given up so much for her bae and for him to call her desperate for a fling, boo will pay him back in his own coin be very sure of that and he will always be the fool in more ways than one.

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