How to Enhance Sexual Performance as a Man

Are you worried that you are not performing well in bed as a man? Are you looking for ways to enhance your sexual life? Then this article is likely for you. Don’t worry; you are not alone when it comes to looking for ways to enhance sexual performance. So, don’t feel guilty about reading this.

You may want to simply fix an existing problem, or get new ideas on how to up your sex game. While there are many pills on sex enhancement, there are certain things you can do beyond taking pills. So what are these things? Keep reading to find out.

Don’t focus on just penetration

Sex is more than just penetration. In fact, you can actually please your partner without penetration. So focus on foreplay, role play, and other ways to satisfy your partner. Kiss more, touch each other, have oral sex. Ensure your foreplay lasts long, as this can improve the sexual experience. Don’t just focus on penetration. Spice up your sex life in different ways.

Find ways to manage anxiety and stress

When you feel anxious or stressed, getting an erection may be difficult. In this state, you may not be able to enjoy your sex life. You will get tired quickly during sex, and won’t be able to fully satisfy your partner. Therefore, find ways to manage anxiety and stress. Feeling more relaxed and at ease will boost your sex performance.

Exercise regularly

This helps you to stay active with improved health. It also helps you to have stamina and be flexible. There is a possibility that you need to keep your body in good shape to function well during sex. Therefore, exercising is an excellent idea for you. It does not have to be extreme or very rigorous exercise. You don’t even have to go to the gym. You can jog or swim regularly. Or find simple home exercises to do.

Eat healthily

Don’t be a careless eater. Eat food good for your body, especially food that can increase your blood flow. Eat fruits and vegetables. Fruits like bananas can help you boost sexual performance. In general, eat foods with adequate nutrients. Ensure you eat and stay healthy. A stressed, unhealthy body can hardly function well during sex.

Clear your mind

It is not advisable to be distracted during sex. For instance, you may be thinking of someone or something else during sex with your partner. This is not cool, and can ruin the sexual vibe. So, clear your mind. If something is bothering you, talk about it with your partner or someone else that can help you. You can also practice mindfulness, which is the practice of being more aware of the present moment. It is a form of meditation that can help you improve your sexual performance.

Learn from your partner

It is not just about you. Learn how to communicate with your partner. Find out how to be better. Find out about your partner’s desires. This will help you learn how to please your partner in bed. Sex should be an enjoyable activity for both of you, so find out how to ensure your partner enjoys the act as much as you do.

Get professional help if necessary

This is a possibility that you may have an infection that hinders you from performing well. In a situation like this, getting medical help is essential. Therefore, ensure you regularly go for check-up, and treat any infection you have immediately.

Thank you for reading. Do you have suggestions or comments? Kindly share them with me in the comment section. Have a beautiful sex life!

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  1. Clearing your mind is the best technique that I personally use a lot and know it works. When my mind isn’t clear or I’m not 100% into sexual activity, I don’t do it. And when I’m 100% focused on having sex, that’s the time when I have had the best moments ever.

    Great post Sami.
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