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Eva struggled to sit up about an hour after her passionate affair with Dayo. Her head still felt fuzzy as she tried to gather her bearings.Dayo had just given her the most intense sex she had had in a very long time. It almost made her run back to his home, begging him to take her again, over and over again.

Marathon sex, she thought.She looked towards the other side of the room. Dayo was sprawled on the couch, his face a perfect picture of bliss. She sighed within her as she stood up to get her discarded clothes which had been flung about in the heat of the moment.

Bending down to pick up her dress, she felt his hand on hers.

Hey“, he murmured, his eyes scanning her barely covered body. “You look beautiful.

Her face turned a bright shade of red and she slapped his hand away from hers. Standing up, she quickly donned her dress and straightened her hair.

You need to leave now, Dayo. Immediately.” He looked at her, his brows wrinkling. They had just had some crazy sex and she was sending him away, like some play thing?

Well, can I at least get my payment?” The confusion on her face was enough for him to know he had her at her game. “Excuse me?” She replied him, her hair pulled up in a messy bun.

Well,” he began, standing up to put on his trousers and shirt, “Since you’re sending me off like some male prostitute, I’m wondering if you’ll pay me too.”

She turned away from him, too embarrassed to speak. She hated this man. Oh yes, she did. Don’t mind the fact that she had allowed him stick it in her just moments ago.

But that’s what it was, a moment. And it had passed. She pushed a strand of hair away from her eyes and did a quick breathing exercise.”What happened there shouldn’t have happened but it has and that’s where it stops. Please leave, Dayo, I have work I’ve procrastinated long enough.

She walked into the adjoining toilet and by the time she came back into her office, about 15 minutes after, he was gone.

She hadn’t even heard the door close.Struggling to get her mind back to work mode, she sat at her desk and busied herself with work she didn’t have to do until a couple of weeks.

Hey, Eva

Looking up, she saw Gina. Allowing a genuine smile to light up her face, she sat back and beckoned her in.

Gina, its been a while. How are you?”Gina smiled and sat on the chair opposite Eva. If anyone had been scarce, it had to be Eva. She had been very available unlike the beauty sitted across her.

I’m fine but I can’t say you are too. What’s been up with you?”

Eva fought to maintain the smile on her face, refusing to let the issues she had been battling show. With a nonchalant wave of her hand, she replied,

Oh, you know, work, family, the usuals. But I’m fine though.”

Are you? Last time we talked, you were wanted in the Big Man’s office.“Eva gasped inwardly; surely it hadn’t been that far back.

Oh yeah, that. He wanted me to go over some figures and all. I haven’t even seen him since then.”

Yeah, you know, he’s been busy and all. You sure that was all he wanted babe?

Surprised, Eva stands up and walks over to her mini fridge to get a bottle of water. “Yeah, that was all. What else?”

Gina stands up and walks towards Eva as well.”Yeah, what else? Only that I heard a certain lady screaming a certain name as she came and the fake exchange that followed while she tried to play it off. I mean, what else apart from that?

Eva turned, her eyes wide with shock… Stuttering, she responded, “Y-you heard… Those? You were there?

Like a Cheshire cat that had just gulped down a glass of milk, Gina grinned. “I was in the stall next to you. And what’s more? I came when I heard you scream. I’ve always known you’d be loud.”

Gina? Are you alright? You’re talking a lot of rubbish“Going behind Eva, Gina placed her arms around her waist. “Eva, are you saying that you’ve never thought about me… In that sense?

What are you trying to do, Gina? We could get fired!”

Gina chuckled behind her, her palms cupping Eva’s breasts.

The only thing that will be getting fired here is your body, honey.”

Her hands ran up Eva’s inner thighs and as Eva was about to demand what she thought she was doing, her lips were captured in a hot kiss.

Few minutes later, Gina had a very hot Eva on her office desk, her fingers thrusting into her very wet pussy. Squirming and squirting her juices all over, Eva tried to keep her moans silent.

By the time Gina went down on her, Eva could only bite her lips and clutch at Gina’s hair to keep the office from vibrating with her screams.She climbed on Eva, spreading both their legs wide until their pussies were rubbing against each other and their moans were becoming uncontrollable, taking them both to new heights of sexual pleasure.But when Gina slipped out of her office, Eva could only think of how Dayo had just had her on the same office desk just hours ago.


Eva ran out of the office building a few minutes after, tears threatening to fall. All her life, her parents had taught her to not indulge in such sins. They had often quoted Bible scriptures to her, explaining how atrocious same sex intercourse was.

Sure they weren’t overly religious, but they cared about society’s take on issues too.Not bothering to look where she was going, she rushed over to her car when she hit someone. Finally looking up, her eyes meet those she expected last.”Tunde?“”Well, hello ma’am! Good to see you here. I have thought you’d turn up dead considering how you ran off with that guy the last night we saw. And the only night, if I may add.“”Shut up! That is not funny. What are you doing here?

Tunde smiled and tucked his hands into his pockets.

Oh, I came to see a friend in the next building. You?”I work here.”His eyes seemed to twinkle as understanding filled them. “Oh, I’m sorry ma’am. I’ll be on my way now, have a good day.”

As he strode off, Eva felt a strong urge to call him back.”Hey, Tunde!” He turned back and looked at her. Too intently, she thought as she squirmed under his gaze.”Err, could you drive me? I’m not exactly in a state to do so.

And if I wasn’t here?”

Someone else would have been.”

Just admit you need me, Miss.”

The cocky bastard.

Fine, I need you to drive me out of here.”

Here, now, pretty, did that hurt?” He smirked as he walked over to her side of the car and opened the door for her.

Sliding into the driver’s seat, he asked, “To where?”

“Anywhere, I need to go somewhere and unwind.”He took one long look at her, scoping her petite frame in admiration. “I know just the place.

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