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My neighbourhood was not very tough; I stayed at Abraham Adesanya estate Lekki axis. My Aunty gave me a room in her apartment after I finished school, Popsy Passed away when I was in school I barely scrapped through University, Mumsy then joined him a year before I graduated…sometimes the pain still hunts me as I stopped by Musa at the estate gate.

Musa, How Far?

Abeg Give me noodles 3 and 2 egg

Add yellow drink. Seeing cars pass and the evening noises…car honks and everything


Ehen take..gimme change,

I made my way home, Greeted everybody from the gate…

Parked in front my house…

Ahh you are back…Yes ma, I just want to rest a bit eat as well,

Do you have money?

I’m okay ma, as I smiled and walked into the house, my aunty always showing me so much love, it was her car I was using to run my cab business all my job search was futile and Man is growing up, can’t be wasting around smoking weed with locals in the neighbourhood everyday too.

Walked into the house, went straight into the Kitchen, I stayed with my mum all through my life so kitchen duties weren’t a problem

I can cook and clean a lot, I always used to boast to girls that I could do without them, I’m sure that’s the reason why I have had relationship hoax for the past 5 years. No stable girl, just random flings.

Nnenna was to come that day that’s why I was home early, there was light, so I was eating my noodles and watching TV while anticipating Nnenna’s call

My Phone Rang…

Hey, Hi, watsup

You home?

Yeah I am

Okay I’m coming

She flashed when she was at the gate.

Nnenna like every igbo girl stood at 5’8 and light skinned but today was awkward

She was looking very clean, like she just made her hair and bought new clothes, and I was in my lazy jalabia, this was not the plan now, she just wanted to come and ask me on advices on my University and that her senior sister was going there, I have had a busy week and I don’t want it to seem like I was posting her.

She sat in the parlour, I got quick to the conversation, for her sister she would be better off staying off campus and that I won’t advice anybody’s child to stay in a Uniben hostel, they will never come out the same and that hostels are evil and filled with evil spirits…I paused and she was giggling a lot

I’m serious, I said

She still laughing said she knows

I was still wondering why she was laughing

My Phone rang

My Customer was calling,

Hello Sir,

I’m at home sir, I came to get some food

Go and Pick My wife from Ikota and then go and pick the children I will not be able to make it early.

Call Madam

Okay sir

Nnenna asked anything? I explained to her that I had to go to work,

She sighed and gingerly got up,

You know what, take this number Call him he will help you directly, he is in Benin

Okay she said,

Bye, Please help me close the gate thanks, I walked into the room started to dress.


Efe where are you?

I’m coming ma..

I’m almost there, there is traffic at ajah

Okay Okay I’m in front the shop

Okay ma

I drove to the front of the shop

Mrs Abayomi, My favourite customer, She was rich with 3 kids all boys she had cars but was never lucky with drivers, has been convincing me for a long time to work for her. I refused because I don’t like relying on someone for salary, Month will end and you will start hearing stories.

OyaOya Lets be going so that before traffic starts so we can there early

Her 3 kids Bayo, Bola and Bode school in Greenspringsschool

How is work today?

Good Mummy, and how is market?


Market is okay, it’s not moving well as its supposed to, and she started talking, I’m actually not a very good conversational person so I mostly pay attention so people tend to talka lot to me, from that one question Mrs Abayomi told me how her sister is getting married and she doesn’t have money and at the same time bought things in traffic, received calls and still continued..

*Wow Women have so much energy… they worry too much..* I said in my head as she rambled on…we got to GreenSprings 20 Mins late. The Kids were already waiting

Put Their Things in the car

Uncle Efe, can I Sit in front?

Yes of course.

Bayo was the oldest one and the calmest, the rest where just kids.

On our way back…There was a huge traffic and we were stuck in it for a while that every passenger in the car slept off

I looked round and saw a family.

Kids that had Dad and Mum alive and everything going for them and for One Moment I wished my Mum and Dad were alive OR maybe I should just let the past be the past and see this family as an example to work harder and create my own

Well What Do I Know?

Maybe I’m just really a cabman and I’m here to serve


Phone Buzzes…Text message from Nnenna reads

Thanks for today and you are very

Radio Plays *Apart Lady Donli Ft Tay*

Written by Sir-Jaydee

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