Memoirs of EVA – 1

memoirs of Eva

Remember when Mama told you to close your eyes when certain parts came up while you were watching films? Did you ever, actually close your eyes?

Hmm… Well, I didn’t. And I’m not sad I didn’t. Those parts, in my opinion, were the only parts that mattered.My name is Eva Madariola and I’m twenty-three. I’ve gone down and climbed up so many times I’ve lost count. And every single time brings a totally new pleasure.

Wait, did I lose you? You’re confused by ‘gone down’ and ‘climbed up’? Well, c’mon! You really shouldn’t have closed your eyes when Mama asked you to. You’d have understood.

Well, I mean I have had sex so many times I don’t remember everyone of them.

At 16, I had my first real sexual experience. Real, because, the fingers I kept sticking into me don’t count. I mean, they did give me some sort of pleasure. But nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to having a real dick inside of you, throbbing and plunging in and out, slow strokes or hard thrusts. You know?

I remember how Brandon Wilson, who was three years older than me pulled down my JBrand shorts roughly that summer evening.

I felt his fingers against my pussy, gently rubbing. I gasped and opened my legs wide. He pushed a finger in. I gasped again, it was like an electric shock, and it felt so good. He pushed two more fingers in and began to finger fuck me. I was so thrilled and the feeling was so good, I couldn’t wait to have his cock in me.

One, two, three fingers went into me that evening. Each addition stretching me wider and giving me more pleasure than before.

And before I could spill my honey all over his moist fingers, he pulled them out. His hands found their way to my Balmain tee and soon, he was pulling it off me and fondling my breasts.

He rubbed them softly, feeling them the way you’d roam your hands around a new pet. He pinched my nipples softly at first and then I let out a soft moan. Hmm, it felt wonderful.

After a little time of fondling, he bent his head and took one of my nipples into his mouth. He sucked gently but fast, like he wanted to drain out every ounce of milk he could get.

Later on, he told me he’d thought my nipples were like Pop Tarts, sweet and sugary, and he just couldn’t get enough.I watched as he took off his jeans. His cock sprang into view, all hard and standing proud, and twitching as the blood coursed through it; leaking pre-cum from the head. He got on top of me and I felt his cock against my pussy. He pushed it in slightly. He pushed some more. I felt a little bit of pain and he was all the way in. He started thrusting in and out of me. The feel of him fucking me was sensational. I had that feeling again – that tingling.

The feelings I felt as he grabbed my hips and thrust into me, each thrust sending me on a journey of pleasure I thought I’d never return from.

“Eva, on your knees,” he said after what felt like thousands of orgasms. In truth, I had only had about three.Amazing for a first time, I know.

I knew this part was coming, I had in fact hoped for it. I got down on my knees and packed my 16″ weave to the back and took his 8 inches into my mouth.

You can imagine how it felt as I tasted his cum and mine, like a mixture of sweet juices.

I wrapped my lips around his hardening cock, running my tongue around and over the tip of his cock. He gripped the back of my head and impaled his cock into my mouth. I could feel my throat open and his cock slide into the back of my throat.

It was the first cock I’d had in my mouth and he Brandon taught me everything I needed to know to please him, and unknown to him then, every other man that would come after him.  He taught me how to lick and suck. And I took to it like a duck took to water.

I sucked that cock like a veteran, and when he came, I swallowed as much as I could. I absolutely loved the taste, savoring the saltiness of it before I swallowed. It was over too soon though and I never did get my pussy eaten out that night. But, later on, I got even better than I would have that night.

As I stepped into the car, my Pierre Balmain jacket worn over my Balmain tee and JBrand shorts that smelled of sex, I was whisked me back to the beautiful yet empty duplex in Lekki that I called home, I couldn’t help but remember that tingling feeling I had felt when I saw Brandon’s dick.

It gave me a thrill, a sizzling sensation and I immediately knew that I would do naughty things as far as I had that dick. I’m a lot older and more learned than I had been that night.

As I said, I have gone down and climbed up so many times, I forget. And I can’t wait to share my memoirs with you.



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  1. Bia Elsie! Where is next episode of house? *cocks gun* who do I shoot in the left big toe first? You or the writer? Cos if I kill anyone then I don’t get my story. :|This was awesome btw 🙂

    1. See all of them. Chai. *lips sealed*\nDon’t shoot me o, shoot the writer o. his fault, not mine\nthanks for stopping by as always Jay

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