Sanctioned Hypocrisy: Much about perversion

Albert Einstein in his genius made one of my favorite quotes; well at least searches on the internet attribute the quote to him. He said there are two things infinite, the universe and human stupidity…and he wasn’t so sure about the universe. If I was to remix this quote I would say it was between the universe and human perversion. Just look around you. There is almost no product that isn’t sold with some kind of sex reference, subliminal or blatant. Look at music and how we have moved from suggestive R’n’B of the likes of Barry White to Akon and co singing straight up ‘I want to fuck you’. Fashion for women is getting tighter, dresses getting lower cuts for cleavage, heels getting higher…Instagram getting…well, more graphic in the name of self-love or whatever other hashtag used to promote narcissism and set honey traps.

But somehow, with all this sexualisation in society we have managed to still make the subject of sex some kind of taboo. A lot of people will watch porn but asking someone to tell you what kind of porn they watch is just as bad as asking them for their bank card PIN number. In fact asking some people if they have ever viewed pornographic images is seen as rude and an intrusion on privacy.

The result of this over sexualized but unsexed society is deep rooted sexual repression that manifests itself as either aggression or depression. Even within couples you find people scared of expressing their sexual fetishes and fantasies because they are somehow scared of being labelled a ‘freak’ or whatever other termed used to label people that openly express their sexual appetites. But yet when 50 Shades of Gray was out, the cinema packed out and as we know that book near enough tried to sell like Harry Potter. Of course majority of the purchase was done by women which are even the more sexually repressed of the genders. Crazy right?

A sad reality is that you hear about men that will leave their marital home for sexual experiences they think is too weird or vulgar to do with their wife. The one person they are sanctioned to be extremely freaky with. Statistics place fetishes for body parts at 33% with 47% of this having a foot fetish but I have never come across a human being to admit to this fetish. Let’s not even go into chocking, bondage and other such sexual acrobatics.

Can someone please shed the light on why we would openly buy erotic books, keep the average porn video view higher than the average YouTube video view, but somehow we cannot express or admit to these perversions in public or even to our partners? Instead sex is treated as a taboo subject reserved to be almost never discussed? This post was actually inspired because a girl asked me if I had ever hired a prostitute to be able to leave out a fantasy and I thought it was strange that people even do that when it is free to do this with someone you are dating if only communication was effective. Feel free to run wild in the comment section.

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  1. Not sure we will ever get to that point where we openly admit our sexualism and preferences. Great piece btw

  2. Even the writer termed the referred sexual mnemonics as perversion and none ordinarily is expected to be loud about ‘perversion’ na. I think its where we are for now; we will evolve.

  3. Does it bring liberation in any way, even if we wear our sexuality like a badge?The fact that innately we don’t want to make it a “normal” discussion like everything else, tells us it shouldn’t be. Some thingy are meant to be private and not for the world to see or know. Even nudists wear clothes sometimes.

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