ALCOHOL: Men with HIV need fewer drinks to get ‘high’

red wine

If your man, brother, lover, father or any male figure around you gets ‘high’ easily then, maybe, just maybe its time for you to drag him for a HIV test…LOL #JustSaying

Researchers at Yale and the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System compared the number of drinks that men with HIV infection, versus those without it, needed to get a buzz (high). They found that HIV-infected men were more sensitive to the effects of alcohol than uninfected men, meaning HIV infected men get high faster that those without the infection

The study published April 17 in the journal AIDS and Behavior.

The research by Yale University reviewed data on more than 2,600 men enrolled in the Veterans Aging Cohort Study, and asked both HIV-infected and uninfected veterans how many alcoholic drinks it took for them to feel a “buzz” or “high”.

They analyzed survey responses from both HIV-infected and uninfected veterans.The researchers also compared responses from HIV-infected men with unsuppressed or detectable HIV infection versus those with suppressed HIV.

The findings suggest that there is no clearly safe level of alcohol consumption for people with HIV, and that providers should counsel their HIV-infected patients that they are more susceptible to the harmful effects of drinking

Following the findings, researchers suggest HIV-infected patients should be better informed that they are more susceptible to the effects of drinking.

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