AUDIO – Meeting point, Chyking Time & Long relationship

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  1. Lmaoooooo!!!! I keep saying this everytime…… If you ask me out when I’m single and I don’t say yes immediately, forget it. I don’t like guys toasting me forever;it irritates me at some point. It is better I don’t give u a definite answer the first time but once I do, I stick to it. That’s why guys should bring their A game all the time.

    1. Choi! A game! But this A game thing makes some over do things o. No mislead my guys biko. Guys be yourself o. Looool

  2. Well.,nice one babe and without a waste of time….ill tell you that I don’t dig a long chase.,if I make my interest known to a gal for a serious date and she makes it difficult for me to achieve that….the longer I chase.,the more my intention changes and by the time she keeps me waiting for so long.,ill only be left with wanting to know how sweet her own cunt is….but if I tell you what I want and you believe me at once or in no time lag then I’ll respect you for believing in me as a Man because the strength of every man is in his WORDS.

    1. Oho. Word! “the strength of every man is in his words” Dear men, you only got your words and your balls o. Una hear am. And the ladies?

  3. Omo didn’t know Elsie had a sweet tiny sexy twitter voice,at one point I got loss listening to the voice and not the message(doing dat again,lol)*clears throat*Well am not really bothered about how long it takes to get the said lady but I do love a gurl dat challanges me when I chyke her (she improves me in d end)..Elsie oh there’s still SO MUCH fun in the chasing/chyking oh (guys just remember to turn ON ur charm switches*winks)Still Gerry Bond (Lest I forget Elsie abeg when’ll the next audio blog piece coming up*winks*)

    1. So Gerry loves the chase. Cool. Ladies that love being chased, I pray people like Gerry locate you. \nBut Gerry, which one is twitter voice o? Hehehe. Thanks. Another audio blog will be coming out next week Thursday (hopefully o) but I can be lazy sha

      1. Some peeps kinda got me wrong on “enjoying” the chase …I said earlier…”am not really bothered about how long it takes to get the said lady but I do love a gurl dat challanges me when I chyke her (she improves me in d end)”…Make no mistake the chase might be 6hrs or a whole day(no body has that big “storage patience reserve tank” again).. A lot of guys on tis planet tend to c gurls who chase em as sluts (why??? Cuz they want to do d chyking/chasing themselves) … Think of it … U go over to say hi to her and she says hello back,gives u her number,her email,BB pin,genotype all in one gulp… Haba nah If one has never been in a challenging chyking/chasing situation(c grammar oh) … *lips sealed*Still Gerry Bond

  4. Well well well, this is a long topic oh if you ask me and a lot of peeps will have their opinions. Which we should all respect too… however, I don’t chase… And if and when I do… I’m on my A game. But a woman rejecting you has a lot of factors. Could be she’s taken, could be she’s in a bad mood or difficult time, could be wrong first impression on your part, could be the wrong place u made the move, could even be ur mouth odor….etc lolShe might even be in a relationship she’s tired of and may need you to try a little harder to convince her you’re better than the current one she’s managing. I like what you said about FWB’s (Friends with Benefits)…. Most girls have a friend whose just a friend but she gets sexual satisfaction from. No strings attached. Some even go as far as calling them (Besties)… If u come across such woman.. She won’t be eager to fall into your hands or your bed… Remember they have a strong adviser behind them who will tell them all about your masculine tricks and traps and will also bang her to taste. So e go hard well well cuz in this case you’re not only wooing her, you’re wooing her and her Bestie join… Double wahala abi. Most times these besties know that your presence in her life might end their free rounds of bang. So they will go out of their way to make sure they prove you are not real to the girl, they can even investigate you sef. In the end they are the only good guy in the girls life and u stand wondering where u went wrong . I can go on and on… But Elsie na your blog be this not mine…*winks(Before I spoil all your male readers with my Cassanova secrets ).

    1. Hahahahaha. Oga cassanova. Thanks. You made a very valid point. Once you have someone that gives you all the attention on the friendship level, u might even end up using the way he treats you as a standard for the guy you would want to say yes to. \nThanks for listening.

  5. Long chase is and has gone with the winds. What u wouldn’t eat u ain’t gonna sniff it. Its not how long or how far he chases u for,it is how well u click. D most important thing is communication, chemistry, trust, compatibility, compromise n trust me u wouldn’t even know wat stage love creeps in. Who says u can’t get married to your partner after 6 months? When you meet d one,u both will know. It will be like u av known each oda fpr ages. Dat long chase is old school. He chased u for 2years n dated u for 6 months and it didn’t work out, y didn’t u save you both the stress n date him? Ladies, if u lole him,date him. Guys if she’s taking too long take a hike. Do guys still “toast” babes in dis day n age? Lol. Just my opinion though. Xx. Omo J

    1. Heheheheh. “He chased you for 2years and dated you for 6 months” that got me laughing. Thanks for sharing ur opinion with us omo J.

  6. First of all shout out to Dhoney on her grad.. Welcome to the favour market dear! Secondly I think Miss Godwin has a very Igbotic voice *tonge out*! Listening to ur voice in this weather get as e be o!….. So back to the matter…. The mistake most ladies make and will keep making is that they think enlongating the chase will help identify the guy that is real, there by forcing the one the ones that came for the “honeywell” to give up! Sisterly, veryly veryly I say unto u, players can wait 6years just to smack that a*s! Believe me, I know!!!… That’s number one! Number 2, I will be getting married in a few months time! I met my wife to be at a wedding. The guy that was getting married had made sleeping arrangements for close friends at the hotel. So when I got to my door, I met a group of 5girls at the door next to mine, I said hello and they responded, so I go into my room and I thought to myself “since I am here alone, why not ask if some of them won’t mind sleeping in my room since I was sure that room won’t be enough for them!”… So I went there and only one of them came over…. The truth was that I did that in good faith… The lady came over we chatted almost through the night, nothing happened tho! The following morning I asked for her number, we hong a few times and one of these days I asked her out, today I am going to marry that same lady! This same me dated a “church girl that all she ever wants to do is straff and wen I was getting too serious for her she broke up with me and moved on to anther guy, who happened to be my friend! So what are we talking?! Long chase or short chase, every guy has his game plan (motive) from the very “set, go”….. If u like a guy and he ask u out, don’t play “u must slay the dragon before u get to me” he might not have the paitence and if he does don’t be amazed if he walks away after digging the “honeywell”!!!!Happy chasing fellas….. I have catch! 😀

    1. WOW! You just buttered my point(bread). Thanks for sharing this with us. what a wonderful “how i met my spouse” story, i might blog this u know…lol. i wish you both all the happiness and i hope i get to be

  7. Nice voice dear. You should do this often. LolI’ll be very blunt and direct on this topic. I don’t subscribe to a long chase. If a guy approaches you with a serious intention, I don’t see any reason to make him chase you. You might lose a good guy to this ‘chase’ thing. Making a guy chase you isn’t going to change a DAMN thing(Pardon my French), if he’s going to stay, he’ll stay and vice versa.I’m not a patient person when it comes to chasing a girl because I don’t waste my time and ‘A-game’. If I chase you for two months incessantly, I back off because I no get time. Enough babes wey dey find serious guys. In my opinion, it’s mostly guys that have fear of “Starting to chyk another babe all over again” that keeps chasing a particular girl when there are several serious ones out there.

  8. Everyone here has made valid points and I’ll only be repeating what someone else has said. I have this male friend, he loves this girl but she gave him the chase of his life. At one point it was looking like it was never gonna happen. He spent money on her, did whatever she asked and just when he was getting tired she finally gave in and by then twas already late. My guy was exhausted and after sleeping with her he felt nothing, he was drained emotionally and it didn’t work out btw dem. For me I see a guy I like I don’t let him waste his time chasing. Guy wey won leave u go leave u

  9. A friend of mine will tell you that the only interesting part of going after a woman is the challenge it poses and that once u get through that,it loses all the fun and I get that to an extent but not when I end up exhausting all my reasons for wanting you in the first place and like Showorkinz said here my reasons ends up being somewhat less truthful. That wouldn’t end up helping the either of us now,would it cos my new plan would be to see this chase to the end and if I end up getting the said girl and dumping her,I wouldn’t loose a single nights sleep.

  10. Hello!I sometimes wonder why chase a girl at all.. if you get most valuable… girls are gona fucking chase you down and rape you sef… “Unsuccessful men run after women, women run after successful men, why don’t you just be successful and let women run after you”If you see me lingering around you like some gloomy ant for long, walahi i am just using you to step down. I am personally not a very girlie dude although I act the fool around girls alot… If i’m still smiling around you after a week, it’s not because i want to date you, probably you’ve showed some intellectual vibe that I enjoy… I play along not because I have hope of changing your mind…and for the girls that love being chased to pluto… you’ll only get what you didn’t bargain for…

    1. oho! another one…lol, Even when you are finally successful, you will still have to search for your wife o. so calm down oga. loool

  11. There’s no secret way to make a man/woman love. If you ask most guyz der wud say a ladies character or personality attracts more dan physical. However a lot of pple are attracted to physical dan the inner person. Getting married is nt d ultimate, stayin in marriage is d main thing. I blive God has a way of directing smone buh u av to be approacheable to receive d blessing. This relationship/marriage thing is more spiritual dan physical. The best is wait on God and stop zozuanging(sleeping arund)lolz!

  12. Thanx for d shout out…..God bless u darlin…..mwahh!!!! Nw on d issue of d day…..if u lyk chase me 4 10yrs or 2days if I lyk u I kno alredi 4rm 10mins afta our 1st conversation…d rest na jst normamal rituals to b done! Its all in d mind.

  13. Long or short chase, I don’t really mind. The chase just has to be interesting. If the chase is boring then even a 24hr chase is a dead end. Sometimes you speak to a girl and even though it is obvious she wants you, it is just as obvious she is as boring as watching paint dry. But a girl can long it out and still maintain intrigue and mystic to interest you. For most guys there is a spider sense that can tell the girl is ‘on it’ even if she is taking her time. The problem is that these days interesting people are so hard to find so long chases are dead. If you meet a girl that is actually interesting you don’t even notice the chase because you are too busy enjoying getting to know her. For some guys conversation is rated above intimacy and sex, for others it is the opposite. I’m never in a hurry to jump in anyone’s pants. If it will happen, it will happen, and the toto will feel the same no matter when you get it. Given that I never formally ask anyone out I don’t even really know when the chase starts or ends. Any guy that knows what they are doing can already tell what a girl is thinking once you drop that A game. Go hard or go home 😛

  14. I’m too impatient girl for more than 4 months. That’s how 1 babe missed her luck while we were in school. When she was ready to ride, guy man don get 1 super hot chic so she lost it. Advice to ladies, if u love him, there’s no point playing hard to get. Thank you Lastly I must say you have a charming voice Elsie. Hope to hear from you more often. Good morning

  15. Yo.So this is itFirstly, it doesn’t matter where we met. I’m not sure it has a lot to do with whatever happens during the relationship. Una no know sey many church girls don decay?Secondly, The number of months you keep me waiting has absolutely nothing to do with how I treat you when we date. Its still so silly that girls still think it matters.Btw, why keep me waiting for months when you already like/want me and thereby run the risk of losing me?You don’t like me?

  16. As for me, i wud say it doesn’t matter where individual met but what really matter is the love, the part in a long relationship depends on both of you. if i shud say that i meet my fiance where i was working in a restaurant during my early stage wen i jst finished my SSCE he chased me for like 1year 6mnth but i refused him bcos i had a boyfriend then but still he never gave up jst bcos he loved me and now we happy together. so for men do not take advantage of that just bcos a lady stressed u up by geting them, u knw men can be cunning in their own ways.

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