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Good morning my lovers. Hope you enjoyed watching the first match of FIFA #Brazil2014 wold cup? Brazil vs Croatia. Some of you are of the opinion that the referee was partial, really?! As far as am concerned, the guy was very professional and was very strong to stand the heat on that field. If you think otherwise, OYO (On your own) is your case. That game is Over!  Just that i really liked the Croatian goal keeper but unfortunately, na only the guy waka go Brazil. 🙁 brazilI am so going to enjoy every other match till it gets to our dear Super Eagles. I seal my lips on that.

I slept really good and the weather has been kpokpodikpo for a while now. I am so loving each and every day of it until it decides to change again. sigh* Change is constant abi? ok.

Yesterday was fun for me on here. Thanks to those who listened to my audio post (sweet voice) and responded. I loved the constructive comments and it was good to have you share your view with me here. I really appreciate you guys. And to those who were to lazy to drop a comment, i still love you sha. lol. If you missed that, click here to listen and join the convo.

You remember the blackmail lady right? The one a stranger sent message to, trying to blackmail her with some nude (invisible nude or so i thought). She sent me a message yesterday and thanks you all for the wonderful advice. She was able to talk to her husband about it and in her own words, i quote,

“I told my husband, so he called the guy. He asked him what he wanted, that he knew the whole story all along, that he should go ahead and tell whosoever he wants to, that since it was before we got married, that its nothing. He told him we all have our pasts. Infact, when i finished telling my husband that night, he made love to me like he never did. My husband said he doesnt like to see me unhappy. And since then he has never mentioned the issue.”

So i went, “awwwwwww*  I am sure gonna share this. She went on to say,

“I think the guy doesnt have anything, i mean pictures because he immediately my husband called and spoke to him, he switched off his phone.”

All this jobless mofos sef. I am glad she was able to make that decision with the help of you guys. If you missed that part of Dear Elsians, click here to catch up.

Ehen!…and what else o? Ok, I guess you wondering what the follow Friday hashtag in the topic  has got to do with my gist, be calm na. Today is friday and i also have a twitter account. So keep calm and follow me on @elsieisy . I will definitely follow you back once you mention me for one or just drop your handle in  the comment box for a follow back. Thanks for reading.  SMP of the week coming up shortly.

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  1. Good news for the lady, what a useless and jobless guy trying to blackmail. And I will like to take this chance to commend the brother married to this woman. You see, we men know how to handle our business 😀

  2. Good thing she spoke up.. Errrr… Thanking us in anticipation so that we can read.. That should work too.. This your brazil pishure self, no be only she waka go o.. We gather join. Have a great day.

  3. Hello, could you make your blog a bit more mobile-centric? I’m having compatibility issues on my phone. I don’t know if the problem is from my phone though, I had to download the last audio post before i could listen to it… Just give it a thought, Thanks

  4. That was how Dhoney didn’t acknowledge my shout out 🙁 no wahala o! Thank God her marriage got saved but come to think of it; is it not possible her husband set this up to test her fidelity?! Hmmmm its just a thought o! The story sweet gan o… Plus that love making thingy after the whole drama! Just my thoughts anyway…. TGIF baby

    1. no vex allinsion, i am sure she didnt see it. this your thought though, i rest my case

  5. I thought I read something about knowing how you feel about us? -_- only me waka come to read and I no see anything! Diaris God o!!!! ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) I am happy for the woman fa. The truth will always (well,most times) set u free!

    1. so u still dont know how i feel about you and my other super readers? na only you waka come true true. lool thanks

  6. Lol………ill streamline my comment on the first match of the 2014 world cup because I don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed some record builders.1st Own’goal of the World cup goes to Brazil(Marcello). 1st Yellow card goea to Brazil (Neymah). 1st Corner and free kick goes to Brazil (Neymah). 1st penalty kick goes to Brazil (Neymah) even down to 1st trowing……well.,even if the referee wears crotia’s jersey…they would have still lost or loose the match.It is a deserved victory finally.!!!

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