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Crux of the matter with Elsie on Happenings Radio

I was going to say type ‘Last Friday was fun on radio’ but that will be me saying the same thing every week. Sincerely though, my radio program is always fun. I get to hear other people’s opinion on the topic of discussion and we rub minds. Thanks to all who tune in every Friday. And to the numerous anonymous listeners, please stop being anonymous. Do something – Tweet, share your opinion on Facebook using the hashtag – #CruxofthematterwithElsie and tag me or send an SMS. My Facebook name is Elsie Godwin and my wall is open to everyone, twitter remains same as Instagram and Snapchat – @elsieisyOur topic last week was – Handling Online Crush and the almighty guest was Paul Ezeudoh, popularly known as Tweetoracle. He shared his thoughts on the topic, made us understand that he had crushed on many people in the past and has also had many people crushing on him. He however, maintained that he does not think a lady should make that bold move of telling her crush how she feels. Well, its his opinion, not mine.Listen to the recorded version of the program below and remember to share your opinion on the program or the topic using the comment box or sending an email to elsieisy@gmail.comDo not forget to join us Today on Crux of the matter on Happenings Radio as we host The Author of  The Fourth Finger and popular blogger at moskedapages.com, Sally Kenneth Dadzie.Crux of the matter with Elsie - elsieisy blog 

How to listen;You can listen in on the program at http://www.radio.happenings.com.ng or download the ‘TuneIn’ app, search for ‘Happenings Radio’ and play

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  1. I totally agree with Mr Paul oo. Trust me I have made that first move before and it did not turn out well.

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