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Perfect: free of flaws, mistakes, and short comings; an ideal situation. A thing which is perceived as perfect is relative and subject to the beholder. So what is perfect for me would not be perfect for you. Since something perfect is completely dependent on individual opinions.

So now that the definition of perfect has been given, allow me to reiterate that a perfect relationship does not exist. ‘You’re preaching to the choir’ you may say. Well actually, this alone is an important fact to have a clear understanding of. A lot of women spend their whole life searching for the perfect man. (Darling. Please wake up he doesn’t exist. At least not on this planet). But not to judge. Maybe it’s society, social media, or even our own parents who teach us not to settle for anything less than the best. However we tend to confuse settling with not accepting anything other than perfect. This idea in itself is set up for multiple failures:

  1. It doesn’t allow us give anyone a chance. The truth is, the higher we raise our standards, the fewer the options.

  1. It drives us to want to change the person we are with. When we enter a relationship with someone who has characteristics we don’t like, we feel the need to change them, which can be unsuccessful, unhealthy and insulting sometimes.

  1. It creates false expectations. Once in a relationship, some women are of the notion that they won’t have to deal with problems. So when problems do arise, they tend to want to run away, not realizing that the next guy will be as imperfect as the next.

For those waiting to meet the perfect person (a man with no flaws, mishaps, shortcomings or failures) prepare to be disillusioned, disappointed, and deceived. Sounds harsh, but even the truth hurts.

I think what we should all prepare for is how to engage in a long lasting relationship with someone we love, flaws and all.

First and foremost, you must understand that you WILL get hurt. So hope for the best but also prepare for the worst (don’t get me wrong am not being negative…just realistic). The goal of a relationship should not be to avoid getting hurt, but for the relationship to be worth the struggle. People would make mistakes that would hurt your feelings and you would must certainly do the same too. It happens even in the best relationships with family, friends, and lovers.

Give someone a chance, accept them for who they are and remove all false expectations. True love is acceptance of someone for who they are, flaws and all. Perfection is nonexistence in a relationship, so be prepared to deal with challenges and frustrations. Lasting relationships certainly do require dealing with other people’s foolishness sometimes. As long as the good outweighs the bad, keep on pressing towards your desired goal.

As usual stay beautiful. Xoxo Chantel.

Written by Chantel, twitter- @mchantel


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