By Bolanle Ogunbowale

Margaret is a young lady in her late twenties an alumni of the prestigious university of Lagos who always wished to have the best relationship but luck never smiled on her. She always fell into the hands of wrong men which has destabilized her dream of a perfect relationship.

Her first ordeal was with a guy named Michael. She loved Michael a lot and was already day dreaming about how life would be when they both settle down. They talked about the future together, made plans together but unknowingly to Margaret, Michael already had two children from different mothers and he kept her in the dark during the three years of their courtship. When she found out, she was devastated, she fainted and found herself in the hospital. She said to herself I will never date again or love any man that comes my way. After few months she got over her ordeal with Michael.

Her second ordeal was with Segun, a guy she met on social media. You know as the saying goes ‘you never know where you can find love’. After months of chatting, they decide to finally meet. They met at an Ice Cream place in Victoria Island where they were both happy to see each other. Segun promised not to break her heart but she had her doubts because Segun was okay financially, he had a good job, nice apartment and was already building his own house and there was big age gap between them. Closing eye on all her doubts she started a relationship with Segun. Everything was going on smoothly until after few months segun stopped communicating with her cause they had a little quarrel.

She decided to let him be hoping that if he loves her, he will fight for her. To her greatest surprise, he engaged another lady. She confronted him and he acted like he did nothing wrong. Once again her heart was broken and she kept asking herself where did I go wrong? And if it was a crime to want to love and be loved back.

Friends and family was on her neck to get married nobody understood what she was going through she decided to give love another trial.

She met Damilola at a conference and their friendship started from there. Damilola called her day and night, she was already in love with Damilola and was waiting for him to ask her out.

Finally, on an evening when they were out for dinner he asked her to be his girl which she gladly agreed to. Damilola treated her like a queen, made her feel like the only girl in the world. Everyone was happy for her. She said to herself, finally luck has smiled on her way.

A year into their relationship while she was going through her Facebook account she saw Damilola pictures with a girl showing he had done introduction with the girl. In fact the lady was pregnant. She called him up and he told her he was dating her and the other girl and his decision was that he was going to get married to whoever got pregnant for him first. She was dumbfounded. She had told Damilola there would be no sex in their relationship and he agreed. She kept wondering why did he wasted her time. Why did he deceive her? All these she could not ask him because he cut all means of communication with her and she did not have the answer to the question herself.

She wallowed in self-pity for months and wondered who she had offended. She snubbed shunned every man that came across her way. To her all men are pretenders and they are all wolves looking for who to devour. She had zeroed her mind on men.

On her way out, her car developed a fault so she had to take the BRT where she met a young looking handsome man who did not have change to pay the BRT conductor and she paid for him.   The young man whose name is Dennis a multibillionaire and CEO of several successful companies but this was unknown to Margaret so when he asked for number so as to be able to repay back the kind gesture she was reluctant at first but she eventually gave him.

After a month, Dennis called her. He was unable to call since because the meeting was successful and he had to leave the country immediately to finalize the deal. Margaret had totally forgotten about the man she helped so Dennis fixed a dinner date with her to repay back her kind gesture and show his appreciation. Margaret dressed casually, she never expected Dennis to be a big man but when she saw him she was short of words. 30 minutes into their meal she could not hold her thoughts to herself any longer as to why he was in the BRT bus that day. Dennis read her mind and explained everything to her, he asked her if they could be friends and she said yes.

Few months into their friendship Dennis had fallen in love with her, he decided to ask her out. She declined at first saying she preferred their friendship but after weeks of pestering her for a positive answer she gave in because her friends and family advised her to take another risk that she can never know who is right for her or not until she tries. So she and Dennis started dating. She enjoyed the relationship and was wondering if it was real or she was day dreaming. Dennis cared, loved, cherished and made her feel like the only woman in the world. He introduced her to his family and everybody close to him. She was so happy and prayed silently in her heart that he would not break her heart.

A year into their relationship Dennis asked her the question she has been waiting to hear all her life. He asked her to marry him in a private romantic dinner at his house. She was so full of joy and happiness and she said yes to his question. The wedding preparation started in full swing. Dennis said he could not wait any longer to have her by his side as his wife.

Their wedding was filled with important people in the society present. Money was spent lavishly on the wedding and people spoke about the wedding for month.

On their first anniversary with Margaret expecting their first child she told friends and family present in the private ceremony not to give up on love and she thanked her parents and friends for their constant advice and for not giving up on her. She thanked her husband for being there for her and making her forget the past pain.

Lastly she advised the singles ones to be patient and not jump into conclusion about men.

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  1. Nice write up.. Not giving up cos u just don’t know when or what time ur miracle lies

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