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By Damescaucus

Elaine was angry; very, very angry. To crown it, the customer care lady was giving her major attitude and she was teetering on the brink of rage eruption. Her ATM card was stuck inside the ATM outside the bank and she had come in to complain. Instead of trying to help her, the lady at customer care was fawning and batting her fake lashes at an overtly bejeweled man with sweat-patch around his pits and a color that could only have come from a bottle! Elaine had nicely asked the customer care lady to direct her to someone who could help her since she was so ‘busy’, but did the lady pay her any mind? Not at all. She looked through Elaine blandly and told her to ‘hold on maam’ before turning back her mega-watts smile to sweaty-pits! That was the last straw.

Elaine proceeded to cause a raucous – never before seen at the banking hall – threatening to bitch-slap the security who had come to pacify her. She knew she was exhibiting a classic case of transferred aggression but she was past caring. She needed the cute customer service pompous bitch to know that sometimes, it was better to attend to the ladies so they could leave before flirting with bottle-bleached men in cheap bling.

It wasn’t like Elaine was in a good mood when she arrived at the bank’s ATM point to withdraw money. As a matter of fact, she was stifling an angry growl because all she had in her account as N5,075.44k and she knew she couldn’t withdraw more than N4,000. She needed N5,000 as a matter of urgency or else Linda was going to start her own raucous back at her office. Linda and the story of the N5,000 was for another day.

Luckily, someone had smartly gone to the Bank Manager to inform him of the fracas at the banking hall and soon, he was coming down to investigate. As he descended, Elaine was struck. She had expected Mr. Elegbede, the portly but friendly born-again Bank Manager. Instead, the guy walking towards her was tall, dark and ruggedly handsome. He had piercing but playful eyes and full lips. He approached Elaine with a pleading smile and asked her nicely to come up to his office so they could talk. Taking a deep shaky breath, she followed him meekly, turning to give ‘La Customer Care Lady’ a deadly glare before ascending the stairs.

Seated in the Bank Manager’s office, Elaine realized how much it had changed. She’d been to this office several times to see the former manager during past transactions and it had never felt this warm. She figured that the warmth came from some kind of electricity that the new Bank Manager exuded and felt her mouth go dry as she tried to swallow. Her anger and ATM card were temporarily forgotten as she listened to him dish out instructions to his secretary. He was confident, debonair and sexy as all hell! Elaine’s mind raced through her ‘Dirty-thoughts archives’.

“A technician has been sent to fix the faulty ATM… your card will be out in no time”, he told her with an apologetic smile which made Elaine feel small. She knew she over-reacted but the thought of Linda bursting into her office to forcefully collect the balance payment for the ‘suspect’ Jimmy Choo shoes she’d sold to her last month irritated Elaine to no end; especially when she knew she didn’t have the balance in full.

“I’m sorry for being such a banshee but your lady at customer care needs to learn how to keep her panties on,” Elaine muttered.

He laughed at that. His laugh was genuine and booming; like the sound of a man without a care. Elaine found herself smiling at his laughter. This guy is hot beyond hot, she thought as she scanned his wedding finger for a ring. Drat it! He was married. Pity!

Fifteen minutes later, Elaine’s ATM card was safely in her hand and the required N5,000, in her purse but her self esteem was sadly on the floor. Hugo, the new Bank Manager had looked through her bank details and found that her balance was in red. She had shyly told him that her clients were yet to pay up and she needed the money as a matter of urgency. Hugo had delved into the pocket of his suit, brought out N5,000 and pushed it towards her without any qualms.

“Take it… from me to you. Accept it as some sort of pacifier for our shitty customer care.”

She had thrown a tantrum in the banking hall, attracted Hugo’s attention and was now getting a cash gift like some village relative. Elaine wasn’t sure how to react his kindness so she said the first thing that came to her head…

“If you weren’t married, I’d soooo totally jump you right now.”

Hugo’s smile didn’t waver.

“Married men need to be jumped too,” he replied.

Elaine chuckled and proffered her hand for a handshake. Hugo wrapped his big hands over hers.

“I’m serious; I want you to jump me for real. How about you come back here after the close of work and take me out for a drink. We can take the rest up from there.”

He wasn’t kidding. Elaine saw it in his eyes. She smiled shyly and agreed to see him after the close of work. She thanked him profusely for the money and hurried out of the office before her nerve failed her.

By 8pm, Elaine was back at Hugo’s office. She watched him make several calls and dish out more instructions to his secretary who seemed accustomed to working late. Finally, he was ready to leave. Elaine got up with a smile, intending to ask him where he would like to go for drinks… but Hugo had other plans. He pulled her close and kissed her full on the lips. It only took a moment for Elaine to gather her wits before losing it again in Hugo’s embrace. As with his eyes, his lips were tender and playful; teasing and coaxing a response from her. Elaine gave in to him and threw her hands around his neck, not wanting the moment to stop. Hugo expertly snaked his hand under her blouse, touching her tenderly as his palms cupped her small pert breast. A sigh escaped Elaine’s lips as he tweaked her nipple.

She released her lips from his and turned to assault his ears with soft kisses, nibbling his earlobes and flicking her tongue into his ears. She heard him catch his breath and delighted in the knowledge that she had the power to excite him.

“I need to lock the door so my secretary doesn’t come in.”

He sounded breathless as he broke away from her to lock the door. Then he returned to her with a fevered gazed. She had no thoughts, no doubts and no fear as he kissed her again, this time with more passion, grabbing her ass through her short skirt and squeezing it. Elaine’s legs trembled as he leaned to take one perfectly peaked nipple in his mouth. Her moan made him suck on the nipples harder while he fiddled with the buckle of his belt. Deftly, he grabbed her hand and tucked it inside his boxers. She gasped and her eyes flew to his in surprise. She suspected that he would be endowed but had no idea how very much so. Her excitement grew at the thought of having this big boy inside her and she stroked him in delirious excitement.

Hugo lifted her effortlessly and placed her on his desk, spreading her legs apart. Elaine bit back a loud moan as his hands found their way into her very moist coochie and slipped two fingers in. He watched her squirm and try to grab the edge of his desk as he finger-fucked her. His gaze never left her face, working his fingers in and out till she grabbed his arms, trying to hold back her cum. He removed his fingers from her core, tore of the foil of a condom, slipped it on and positioned himself in front of her.

Lifting her buttocks slightly, he slowly slid into her and smiled as she shuddered and clasped her legs around his waist. Elaine felt a little pain as he impaled the full length of his shaft into her. Her scream was silenced by his eager mouth as he began to thrust in and out. He was gentle, making sure she got accustomed to his rhythm, giving her precise strokes. The table creaked a little as his tempo increase, his muffled groan released in the heat of the moment. Elaine grabbed his buttocks and squeezed it tight as she felt her cum rushing to fore. She tried to hold it back so he could catch up and climax at the same time as she did but instead he lifted her off the table and began to pound into her fiercely; one hand cupping her buttock, the other holding her waist. Elaine felt like a small doll in his arms as his shaft bore into her relentlessly.

Not minding his secretary outside, Elaine screamed as she came; her body vibrating with the waves of climax. Hugo hugged her tight and allowed her cum till she calmed down. Without detaching his shaft from her vagina, he took her to the wall, placed her back against it, her legs still twined around his waist and started to fuck her hard. She didn’t know what to do with her hands. They clawed at his face, neck and arms; her small breast bouncing with every thrust. His groan was getting louder and she knew he was going to cum soon. She thrust her tongue inside his ears again, licking it and nibbling his lobes. She heard him grunt, squeeze her ass and gave one last thrust before filling up the condom.

They both remained in one position, breathing hard. Elaine smiled at him. He smiled back at her. Then they jumped and pulled apart as Hugo’s secretary knocked on the door, their reaction eliciting laughter from them both. Hugo removed the condom, wrapped it in tissue and flushed it down his office toilet.

By the time he cleaned up and returned to his office, Elaine was all straightened out, looking oddly innocent.She smiled at him benignly, her eyes sparkling mischievously.

“About that drink…. Where would you like me to take you?”

“I’d like you to take me to your house and ‘Do Me’ all night…”

His smile broadened at her surprised look.

“But… my house? What about your wife?”

“She’ll be fine. I doubt if she’ll know what I’m up to in Nigeria considering she’s in America.”

Perfect, Elaine thought with a smile.


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  1. I can’t have enough of this. It’s a masterstroke. I will read it over and over and over again. Nice Friday delicacy.

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