Living without you

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Living without you by Emmanuella

A lot has changed since you left

I’ve grown,

I’ve learned,

I’ve loved,

I’ve been heartbroken.

I’ve lived,

I’ve hurt,

I’ve cried,

I’ve been broken.

Through all these I’ve needed you,

Hoped you’d feel my pain from miles away

And come running to me

To envelope me in your hug,

Fill me with your warmth,

Heal my heart and my soul,

Give me your smile when I have none.

A lot has happened since you left,

A lot is still happening,

But now I know you’re not coming back

And I’m ready to face it on my own.

To heal myself when I need it,

And need you less everyday.

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  1. This piece resonated close to home within me. Every line demonstrates how I feel about my just-ended relationship. Every line that is, except the ending. Because I’m still not ready to move on.

  2. @ Walter, have been there and I know how you feel. Its only that grace that can help. Its a year now and I still find it so so difficult to move on. But d last line in d write up said and I quote “And need you less everyday”. U really need some form of distraction, pick up from were u r den ride on. Life goes on definitely. Cheers

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