The House – 37 (R-18+)

The house

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We had enough to drink and it was time to go home,can’t kill ourselves. I got up with the others and dusted my trousers,I sure was going to sleep pretty good this night. It was needed. My phone beeped signalling a text had just come in through,I checked to see who it was from. Latifah asking to see me later tonight,I looked at the was almost 10pm,what was so urgent that she would want to see me this late besides Iya Nuru was bound to be home and nosing around na. Well make man reach house first,she definitely was not planning to fuck me tonight after she had been with Ben this afternoon.

“Omo I no think say I fit waka go house o,una fit help me call bike”…Micheal said. Everyone busted out laughing.

“No worry sit down here,when we reach house na taxi we go even charter to come pick you sef”..Blackky gave the perfect reply to another round of laughter.


Ok things had not gone according to how I planned it. I had wanted to see Boka try his luck fucking that borehole but once I had walked into the room with him, Seyi had squeezed her face in disgust and pulled me into the bathroom to talk. She said there was no way on earth, she was going to have sex with Boka or even in front of him. And without much ado, she went out to book up another room for just me and her leaving madam borehole and Boka alone. As we left the room I had turned to take a look once more at that ass and shook my head wondering why it had come with a borehole.

“What are you thinking about?”..Seyi said lazily,she had been sleeping since we got into the room. I had even gotten the idea to fuck her awake but then again my mind just kept going back to Boka and the curses he must reeling out now once he got down to fucking Borehole. I chuckled to myself.

“I asked what’s on your mind”..Seyi brought me back to the room with her hand trailing down underneath the duvet and grabbing my dick which as usual did not want to have sense and rose to attention once her hand grabbed it. I took a deep breathe.

“Well I was thinking of fucking you up your ass while you were asleep but just decided to have mercy on you”.

“What?! you are crazy!”…She said laughing as she squeezed my dick hard and started stroking it. I had a feeling i was going to fall in love with this girl at some later point in my life.

” Well I have always been been told I am”…

She only nodded in agreement as her head followed her hand right underneath the duvet. I felt her teeth graze my dick cap and shivered. Baba God you too sure. Her hand was working up and down my shaft while her lips went playing on my cap. I was beginning to lose the small sense I had gathered back today. She was giving me wet kisses all over my cap without missing a stroke with her hand. I just closed my eyes and was about to start enjoying the parole when my brain booted and told me not to me selfish. Well alright,I had my hand follow her spine right down to her ass which I grabbed before spanking hard that had her whimpering on my dick. She stopped jerking me off and adjusted her body well so she could take all of me in her mouth,I stuck a thumb up her ass hole in retaliation. She did not suck me off but went straight down deep throating taking my dick all the way in,menn I could actually feel how tight throat was or was it my dick playing tricks with me. I did not care as I started finger fucking her ass hole fast in excitement. She let my dick stay in there a while and I was beginning to wonder if she was not going to suffocate on it. If she died,what explanation was I to give..Say errm excuse me sir girl suffocate ontop my dick,menn they were going to bury me. Just when I was about to yank her head off my dick,she came up for air. She flung the duvet aside and i could see her face brimming with excitement.

“And you call me crazy”..I said as i stuck my thumb up deeper into her asshole. She cried out in pain and pushed my hand away. Without saying a word,she threw her leg over me and proceeded to sit her pussy right on my dick. It felt so tight and I began to wonder if my dick had grown in size since fucking madam borehole. I placed my hands on her hips as she began to dance and whine crazily on me. Seyi was definitely crazy,I decided to join in the craziness. I sat up and started feasting on her boobs,biting and twerking her nipples with my teeth. She was screaming out in pain I think but as far she did not push my head away I did not stop. She wrapped her arms around my head and held it in place with one of her nipples in my mouth tight. Now I was the one who was finding it hard to breathe but I couldn’t dare complain,if a lady could hold her breathe on my dick for a while,I should not be the one to complain of suffocating on boobs na. Now only her ass was whining and turning on my dick,her upper body had simply stopped moving and was doing a good job of holding onto me tight. Her cries were getting louder and I knew she was cumming,my dick also getting suffocated was enough proof as she yelled out in ecstasy without letting go of my head. I was about to throw her off me before I died when she finally let go and fell in a heap right on bed. I started sucking in air as fast as I could,This girl is crazy! confirm! I spent almost ten minutes getting back to sanity before noticing my dick was still up and nodding,effects of the match wey I go drink. I glanced at Seyi and had that thought again of fucking her in  her sleep but with the little scene that had just taken place,the idea suddenly foolish. I shook my head as i stood up and started making my way to the bathroom to wank ,who send me go drink match o? God punish Boka. This was probably karma for me setting him up with a borehole.


I managed to say good night to the guys and formed like I needed to buy something urgent from Iya Nuru as everyone made their to their rooms. I threw the room key to Blackky who was already muttering gibberish as I walked back out the house. I dialled Latifah’s nmuber as I stood right outside Iya Nuru’s gate..

“I am outside your gate”..I said once she picked up. She did not reply,just hung up the call. Was this girl at all? I thought to myself staring at my phone screen to really confirm she had hung up on me. I was about turning around and heading home in anger when the gate swung open and she came out looking all hot in bum short and a tank top. What was this girl’s problem o? My anger changed to concern when i managed to look up and see her face all swollen like some who had been crying for hours.

“Latifah,what’s wrong?”..I quickly moved closer to her. She did not give an immediate reply but just sniffed and wiped her face.

“I am pregnant”


Morning came jejeli

I got out after managing to wake Seyi up and have a little talk about how I was going to settle the whole matter when I got back to the house. I went to the other room and after spending several minutes knocking,Boka finally managed to come out and we headed back to the house in silence. I was expecting Boka to be cursing me out loud on the road already but the idiot was just grinning sheepishly as we stood roadside waiting for an okada. I stared at him and was about saying something when he spoke up.

“I dey come back come sleep here this night,I don tell the girl say I go come pay for the room again.”

Huh?! Now i was more confused than ever.

“Why? wetin happen?”..I asked in shock

“Omo Sesan,that girl yansh sweet die! Remain small I for die there but her yansh no come sweet reach her toto. oboy that thing sweet to fuck,if you see as e tight ehn. Why I even dey explain give you? Shebi you sef don fuck am see as e sweet”… He finished as he waved down a bike.

“Yes yes e sweet”..I said as i looked down. something was definitely wrong somewhere. I began to search for answers in my head as we got on the okada and headed home. And the only logical answer i could come to was one I did not want to believe. Abi was it really possible that this short idiot had a bigger dick than me? Menn I definitely had to measure my dick once we got to the house. Abi he was toying with me ni?!


I took a while before asking the obvious..

“Ehn if you are pregnant,why are you telling me?” I looked at her with a frown.

“I don’t know. I just could not think of anybody else to trust and talk to.” She looked up at me with tears in her eyes.. God,she was beautiful.. BODE! get sense she dey try trap you ni oo,Sesan’s voice came ringing in my ears. I took my eyes off her.

“Why not tell Ben,at least you were fucking him this afternoon na?”..I decided to be non caring.

She did not reply immediately and I began to feel really bad for attacking her in that manner. I wrapped my hand around her shoulders and apologized. She merely shook her head.

“Don’t be. Yes I fucked Ben this afternoon. I am trying to get a father for the pregnancy”..


Written By Bass ( Twitter – @bass_ige)

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