by Richard Anietie

Oh fear, oh fear
what ties have I with you?
Why have you smitten me with horror
You had beclouded me with dread
And let me see my death before I truly die
Fear, you kill me daily,  but I am raised again
You show me the blood in every sacrifice
But conceal the gain so I can see it not

Oh Fear, tell me why, oh fear!
You took my heart and gave me yours
That now I see mere robs as huge vipers
And make me denounce treasures in fire
Tell me how you transformed me
To an alien in the land of risk takers
Tell me why I must house you in my soul
When you shattered it in just one night

Why fashion me with fear to dare?
When I know in death none cares
Why show me risk and risk alone?
When I know without it comes no fame
Why show me defeat with shame?
When in no retreat I can make a name
Why count my loss, wrath, and tears?
When without them, I may count no gain

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  1. Indeed No Pain,No Gain,Lets Learn to Face Our Fears. Thanks Richard Anietie For this Beautiful Piece, you indeed have Done “Poetic Justice “. Elsie I appreciate you sending this Notification via Mail.More girl Power .Keep Soaring

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