Love Literati Contest: ‘The Tales of Three Stars’ by Agele Ayo

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I left the whole world
Flying far, above the clouds
To the world above
Just in search for love.

I flew so far
Just in search for a star
A star I could make my own
I flew all alone.

I did see three stars, so lovely
OH! They must be lonely
But I will take the one with a beautiful light
To make my future bright.

I moved to her higher
But the star placed on me a barrier
In me, I found hope
With her, I will cope.

Away from me, the star moved so fast
Yet, I find her the best
I, she find it hard to love
Away from me, she always moves.

If I have her, I will have peace
And make my life bliss
That star was so beautiful
To make my sky blue.

I will wait for her
To me, she will come from afar
She will truly come in her white gown
By then, she must have beautifully grown.

My love has no pretense
Though against me she set her fence
To her, I came
Full of fame

I kept knocking at her door
Confessing how I love her to the core
Standing, sitting, speaking without a lie
But she bade me goodbye.

I felt so sorrowful
Just like a fool
To lose a star of my desire
Capable to set my heart on fire

I turned to the moon,
‘Didn’t I come so soon?
For her, why am I late?
Why did she find in me, hate?’

The moon said: “It’s awful
You are really a fool
A love you can’t find
Because you are so blind

Why must you come to your apex?
Because of a star, meant for someone else
At your back, a star follows
Only if you allow”

I turned to the star that follows
For my love, she fell below
And for her light,
Not so bright.

“Then, with a queen, there will be no ride
Even if you search in hide
Because you lack wisdom
To rule a kingdom”

I replied: ‘That star, I don’t love
Neither her shape nor her curve
Though in her, I find no hate
But I for her, there is no rate’.

I later looked above the sky
I looked up, so high
A star, I found, at still
And my love for her grows real

I said to her: ‘for you, my heart desire
I will give you thousands of royal attires
And make you queen over my empire
And fame, you will acquire’.

She said: “From here, I watched over you
And find your love to be so true
Your love for me I know
How it grows.

I for you make a perfect couple
For our love, there will be no trouble
And we will live in happiness
Erasing your world of loneliness”

A love I really find
A love that is so kind
For our union, I’m so blessed
And my joy, I can’t express

And unto me, the first star appeared
Just like the ghost of the dead
She was battered
And her cloth, tattered.

She said: “Unto you, I come
I for you, let’s make a home
Upon my finger I will wear your ring
You, the blessed king”

I said to her: ‘Though my love for you is so pure
And for it, I have found a cure
My love for you has a cut
A love for you, I know not’.

She replied: “I only played a hard to get
On my fence, I wish you climbed to unlock the gate
For our love, let’s find a way
And my love, don’t send away”.

I replied: ‘Away from me
And I from thee
A love, have I seen
And over there, lies my queen’.

She said: “A true love, I lost
I have set my life at worst
For now, I will be leaving heaven
Going back to my life of oven”.

My heart wished her the best
Away for me, she left
And the beautiful tattered star
Lost a love that should be for her.

The moon was so pleased
And said: “With wisdom, you are blessed
And you are truly my son
Upon you, a glory shines like a sun”.

I replied: ‘Oh you moon, my mentor
For all nations, I will make you an anchor
Your words, I adore
That gives my heart no war’.

To our kingdom we came
And we gain fames,
And finally a star I was blessed with
To put my heart at rest.

She is more beautiful in her royal dress
When I made her an empress
And over our empire, we rule
With a love, so true.

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