Of Melania Trump and Plagiarism Melanin

By Tosin Ayo (The ‘Word bank’)

1. If you can’t paste with intelligence, do not copy at all.

2. Those who lift and pass off the thoughts of heroes and heroines they do not match in wit suffer the pain of effectively delivering the content with excellence, match the expression with communication and enduring the unfortunacy of being found out at the reminiscent behest of the original author. The one who steals the King’s Kakaki trumpet faces the trauma of where to blow it.

3. Don’t compare where you can’t compete. If you must use another’s expression, always acknowledge your source.

4. There is no art to effectively deliver a legend’s speech with the attendant body language, sincerity of heart and her contextual situational apposition.

5. Learn to know other uses of the computer keypads beyond control C and control V (Copy and Paste).

6. Choose your spouse with a conceptualization of the future you seek in sight. Don’t marry aesthetics and cosmetics at the expense of ethics and intellect. Date higher than your self-esteem and circumstances. If you must marry an accessory, seek one with a head. Don’t date a dumb model If you will seek the highest office in the land. Money is not a legal tender for an ounce of sense.

7. You can’t get a scholar’s speech from a nudist’s lips. A fruit doesn’t fall far from its tree. Expecting a Michellean speech from Milenian mouth is like seeking the living from amongst the dead. If you are a Trump, you can’t attract a Michelle, only a Melania. Only the deep calleth unto the deep.

8. The one who copies another’s speech with her accent, context, serial delivery and content will copy your matric number after copying your answer in the examination hall.

9. You can lie to the press, you can lie to the public, you can lie to the people, but the shocking body language of your conniving spouse will betray you when you lie a lie that shocks the world.

10. The one who can steal a speech can steal a treasury. If I can steal your thought, wetin be your cash?

11. Intelligence is not the same as memorization, it is nothing more than the correct application of knowledge. That you can cram and pour down another’s thought only makes you a bright thief, not an intelligent person.

12. Those who sow wind will reap whirlwind. The one who sells sand will be paid with the currency of stone. You cannot be as garrulous and as shaming as Trump without getting a backlash vengeance with the indignity of Melania.

13. The cock is spotted from the day it is hatched. The one who will plagiarise a Presidential speech starts with plagiarizing her personality and Facebook posts.

14. If someone cannot succeed at copying with sense, what more proof do you need to confirm her proficiency in failure?


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