Excapades Of A Social Media Addict – 6 (R-18+)

Adventures Of A Social Media Addict (R-18+)

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Shade bent across me and looked at Salewa who was still looking amused. I wasn’t even looking at anybody, I was staring at Shade’s ass which was now over my body..mehn, it was one round portable ass and I could bet it was soft. After looking for a while and seeing that Shade was serious, Salewa sighed…raised her legs up and took off her pant..it was black nice, black is my favourite colour. She sat back and spread her legs, I could see her swollen pussy lips in the dark…my eye-sight sure has a sense of timing on when to function properly (I am actually short-sighted).

Shade laughed before she went to work, she kissed inside Salewa’s firm thighs…kept kissing and leaving a trail straight up to Salewa’s pussy…she kissed it then pulled her head up..she was looking at Salewa’s face as she put her hands over her pussy and dipped a finger into her…quick conclusion, Shade was definitely Bi…which was just fucking perfect. She was fingering Salewa slowly as she took her head back down…I couldn’t see much because her ass was all over me and I sure as hell wasn’t going to complain.

I looked around the room again which suddenly seemed a bit darker but then again my eyes were working better than ever. Cindy was back with Suberu…stroking his dick as she was kissing him…Amina was sitting between Dodoyo’s legs and was obviously rolling her ass up again his dick…for a while, wanted to trade places but remembered I was actually the one with 2 girls..I kept thinking this wasn’t happening, like seriously this is crazy thing. Spent all my life in Lagos and I had only been to 2 sleepovers and yet here I was attending one after less than 15months in Ibadan…I must have one sexually inclined guardian angel.

The sounds in the room brought me back to reality…Salewa was moaning out pretty loudly now, her eyes were half-closed…and Shade was showing no signs of stopping. I didn’t even notice my hands were already on Shade’s ass…patting and squeezing gently. The thing don get mind of e own. I pulled her pant down a lil and stuck a finger up her cunt…I could feel her jerk forward and yet she didn’t take her mouth off Salewa’s pussy..if she could treat a pussy like this…imagine what she would do to a dick. I kept fingering her from behind…10minutes was supposed to be over but at this point, no one cared…Amina was already on Dodoyo’s dick…riding the daylights out of him…her big ass facing me. Mehn that was a ass that could put Kim Kardashian to shame…seriously. Cindy was jacking Suberu’s dick like never before while he kept stroking her hair…at least he was finally getting some sense.

I got up and got behind Shade’s ass…was looking for my jeans with one hand…my other hand was stuck on her pussy with one finger in. I was dragging my hands right across the rug…where the fuck could I have flinged my jeans…I wasn’t that drunk…finally my hands hit it. I pulled it closer…still one hand doing all the work while the other was enjoying. I reached for the right back pocket where my wallet was always kept. Pulled it out and flipped it open…1st compartment, always had 2 condoms in it…Pulled one out and tore it open…was thinking…hmm I need to take my hand off this girl’s pussy and wear d condom with both hands…another mind told me…let’s try getting it on with one hand jare…trust me, it was awkward as hell…kept fumbling and rolling…finally got it on with my hand all oily. Got up and knelt down behind Shade’s ass. Took my hands off her pussy and grabbed her hips… And just as I was sliding my dick slowly into her…Suberu shouted and erupted again all over Cindy’s face. I just didn’t get it…what was the point of shouting when you cum. Dude, get a grip!

Shade’s pussy was surprisingly tight…I gripped her hips tighter and jacked her legs a lil higher…I was pretty tall…been 6’2 meant I had to more than kneel to enjoy doggy and we weren’t on a bed. I started thrusting into her with speed and fury…my dick kept hitting the walls of her pussy..I didn’t even care…I just wanted to cum and get d 1st round over then think properly…she couldn’t take it, she took her mouth off Salewa’s pussy and started screaming…Salewa was laughing like a she-devil…she then bent over and kissed Shade deep to keep her quiet…seeing Salewa kiss her just made me think now I am dealing with 2 bi’s not one. I started spanking Shade’s ass and the bloody thing kept replying…I told you it could bounce…I could feel myself cumming…I pushed forward and grabbed her boobs from underneath…bit her shoulder as I erupted…fuck me sideways, I was pretty sure making heaven was gonna be hard for me. She sighed and started laughing..

“God, you are hot!!” She said as I got up behind her… I was naked except for my wristwatch which I hadn’t taken off. I looked around again as I wasn’t un-strapping my wristwatch…still had the condom on my dick which was fast shrinking.

 Suberu was down on Cindy’s pussy, nice at least the bobo could give head…Cindy was jacking her hip back and forth. Dodoyo on the other hand was now fucking Amina doggy spanking that ass of hers pretty badly…I could have envied him but I was pretty sure her pussy wasn’t as tight as the one I just got out off.

I pulled the condom off my dick and started walking towards where I presumed the toilet and bathroom was. The whole house was pretty dark…this was surely a well planned sleep-over. I found the toilet and flushed the condom down the drain. Walked over to the bathroom, no bath tub but at least the shower was running properly.  I turned it on and stood underneath…placed my hands on the wall and just let the water run…must have been there for about 10 mins or so and was feeling myself getting hard again..unlike most boys, cold water doesn’t have any effect on me.. I got out, still dripping wet and went back to the parlour…as I was getting closer I was hearing someone scream…sounded a lot like Cindy’s voice…my dick started noddin. When I got there, the scene before me was even crazier.

 Cindy was riding Dodoyo’s dick while Suberu was standing behind her too fucking…please, tell me he isn’t fucking her ass-hole. Amina and Shade on the other were in a 69 position..quietly moaning..Salewa was in a corner watching them all and holding my wallet. What!! Then I noticed she had pulled out the 2nd condom and had noticed me…she got up and started walking towards me…her hips were at it again…she got to me, kissed me…my hands worked their way down to her ass and squeezed hard…carrying her up…she stopped kissing, pulled me by my dick which was pretty painful and led to me to a room which had a bed on the floor which was rugged. And just like the rest of the flat, it was dark. She pushed me on the bed…strapped me…then went down kissed my dick..I closed my eyes and was expecting her warm mouth to cover me. I felt her adjust…I didn’t open my eyes but then felt her pussy sliding down on my dick…this girl surely wasn’t ready for foreplay…she started riding me out and wild..and shit this wasn’t the zoo. I sat up and had my hands all over her bare back as she kept bouncing and whining…I was kissing and biting her neck as she buried her face on my shoulder. She was moaning which was been muffled by my body…I was trailing a finger down her spine to her ass, she was really vibrating on me…she took her face off my shoulder and started shaking heavily.

     “Shit, I am cumming..Mayowa oo!” Was the next sound I heard as she collapsed on me…I rolled her over and buried my dick deep in her and started pounding away…it was then I realised she didn’t let me get the condom on…fucking carelessness..I fucked her for a while before spilling all into her…I didn’t bother pulling out. I just rolled over and laid by her side…then thought of what was going on in the living room..wanted to go and check but I didn’t wanna go back out with a soft dick.

     “Your girlfriend is a lucky girl” Salewa whispered as she rested her head on my chest.

“I am single” I said without even looking at her. Wonder why they always jumped to a conclusion that I wasn’t  single..

She laughed and said

“Why do I find that hard to believe?..okay like seriously? Why don’t you have one?

“Because I hardly take things seriously, my longest and last relationship lasted 4 months”..I remembered Kate again and scratched my head..I sure was a big idiot for letting Kate go but it was for the best.

“You are really one crazy guy” She said as she fell asleep. This was my thinking time, I rarely slept after sex…just wasn’t my thing, I preferred cuddling, listening to music or simply talking..I didn’t sleep..was like my punishment for sins I didn’t know I had committed or something…I stared up at the ceiling and one thing was for sure..I sure wasn’t going to enter heaven easily.

Written by Bass (Twitter – @bass_ige)

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