Jolting Heart

i am keeping it for my husband

You think you are so strong until you realize your emotions can weigh you down faster than anything else. We think the only force against the ones being single comes from outside but mostly it comes from within. It is very easy to pull it off when you have yourself synced into work and other stuffs that can take up all your spare time, living nothing but sleep time and little or no hang out or personal time.

However there is just one person or some group of persons that will crawl into this space once in a while. Truth is, it’s easier to shut those you have no intellectual connection with out but once that connection is established then pray thee s/he is on same plane with you or you have to struggle with tuning your emotions up and down. It gets to that point you realize what you have been missing especially when you have been on the single plane for long then suddenly you want to be loved, pampered, catered to, basically just want to have someone around you. Someone you can tell anything and do anything with. Someone who would see the yes in your no, someone who will see the lie in those flimsy ‘I am fine’ we throw around.

Does that mean you let your self be disrespected? No! You dust yourself up and move on with life. Cry a little while talking to your pillow and then keep walking tall like nothing happened. Smile and heal. Then jolt back to the normal you. Back to where you tell the heaven – I am still hoping on you for that special one. Back to work and self-improvement.

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  1. It’s a bit like needing to pee, sometimes you don’t feel the urge, but once you get to a house where toilet is available, all of a sudden you are bursting….for some people it’s like diarrhea sha, they always need to go lol

  2. Exactly my kind of person, am single but most times I feel D urge to hv someone I can call my own. But those urge dis days seem like dying cos once I leave D house in D morning and come back late.

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