Regular use of ‘Paracetamol’ could harm liver & useless for back pain


I have seen people daily swallowing paracetamol for pains and head aches.  There are considerable amount of people who cant go a day without taking paracetamol, this habit probably needs to be checked.

According to a new Australian Study, the commonly used pain killer ‘Paracetamol’ is ineffective at treating low back pain. The study also cautions that the drug’s regular use could harm the liver.The study published in the British Medical Journal after 13 clinical trials on paracetamol found that there was never a systematic review of the evidence for the drug’s usage to treat low back pain.”Paracetamol has been widely recommended as being a safe medication, but what we are saying now is that paracetamol doesn’t bring any benefit for patients with back pain, and it brings only trivial benefits to those with osteoarthritis,” said Gustavo Machado of The George Institute for Global Health of the University of Sydney.


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