AUDIO – 3 Things to watch out for in your man

Its a beautiful Thursday morning. You think you have nothing to be thankful for? Look in the mirror. shrinked elsieToday I let out my voice and another version of me…(The picture above) The only problem is, I look shrinked in that picture and with a bigger head -_- I don’t understand why but I love the outcome and I so much love the fact that I am me with different faces 😉

Now ignore my rants and listen to my voice. Plssssss tell me what you think by using the comment box. Thank you

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  1. Relationship should not be made difficult. There are very few things that a girl should run from in a man and they are 1) anger and 2) unwholesome lifestyle apart from these all other areas are mere platforms for her to express her love and bring forth her feminine gifts and talents that all go to make a wonderful love and romance. I therefore disagree with things mentioned here. A little examination here on 1) relationship with his mother, if such show neglect, a girl could work on it in a man and improve it, and I have knowledge where such has even endeared the girl to the man’s family and has led to marriage, and on 2) tithe, some due to their understanding of the scriptures and in good exercise of independent mind , not part of much herd mentality might belive in all they have as being of God and dont buy much of nigerian teaching and USA telly preaching. So a guy with independent mind in his relationship with God could avail a girl much, then finally on 3) pleading of older age, its harmless when it done in fun and could mean he wants to behold the girl as his responsibility to care for and tenderly relate to. A relationship that holds a girl as one to be tendered regarded is very good for any girl

    1. As expected. Thanks for sharing your “no no” attributes and also for not agreeing with mine. LOL

  2. Well I am not guilty of any of these so I guess I am d perfect guy… Lol plus I need to know about the ladies too so I know who to run from

    1. Mr. Perfect guy, I see you. But rem I said these 3 are my top 3 though. I’ll try do something about the ladies but u know I’m not BI right?

  3. Uhm… I am not so bigggg on 1…. Especially if he has a valid reason(s). Point 2 is something that I can always work on(with God’s help). Point 3 is one of the things I HATEEEE in a relationship. If I can’t play wt u like my age mate,then there’s no point. That’s why a 5yr age gap or less is perfect for me.Pride and anger are veryyyy big no no’s for me sha.Kpele o…. Don’t be sick 🙂

    1. Uhmmm. So u don’t care about your man’s relationship with his mum? Wonderful! Thanks for reading and joining the convo. Pride and anger are somewhere in my list too but I wouldn’t mind being the only one with the power to quench his anger. Would make me feel like I’ve some sort of super power… lol

  4. Ges we shid get married den,bt dat tithe part is d only issue. I don’t believe in tithe wud rather help family members that are in need.

    1. The issue is the issue o. Helping family members is cool cos they are family. But how about helping total strangers?

  5. I think u shud run 4rm a guy dat hits a lady nd a guy who is hot tempered. And soo many oda tins. I also agree wit u Elsieisy. Thanks 4 posting dis.

  6. @sensteven1………..ehhh I agree with u both wen wod u point out d Odd signs in ladies toooo

  7. 1. Totally, I agree. 2. Lol, abi o, if I know ask for 15% ko ? Some guys be stingy as f*ck, na wa o! 3. I have an issue with that age thing as well; if I can’t chill with you the way I’d chill with my mates, then what’s the point of being together? Another issue is sharing core values. If we can’t agree on quite a number of things to the point that we fight over really little things, then there’s bound to be a problem. Also, reminding me that I should change “how I look” or how I dress is an issue. You saw me before you asked me out, ko? So, where’s the problem now coming from? And lastly, how we interact on social media; I mean, we don’t have to DM and mention each other every time, but do you shy away from mentioning me? Or from even putting up something about me on your PM? Is it also a problem to communicate when we’re with friends-mutual or not. Are we shy in the presence of others? I think that’s basically it. Thanks for sharing; and get better o!

  8. Respect is very important in a relationship.both parties must have respect for each other,age is nothing but a number.if love is dia,and understanding,a man and a woman whatever d age difference can still b in love,friends,family..anything dey want to b wit each oda.

  9. 10% of my money for pastor to buy private jet abi pay rent? If churches were opening free schools like missionary churches I go hear word. What if the guy gives to other charity? Must it be church? As for the mother thing, some mums are messed up but that is a rarity in Nigeria I guess. I didn’t even know the age thing still existed? Do people still marry with ten year gap?

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