Is he too Old for Me?

Is he too Old for Me

Don’t really know how to start, really I’ve been thinking of this for a very long time I’ve asked my friends and I’m getting biased answers I dunno, so am trying to get a neutral answer….My name is …… I am 24years old, I have this friend, he is really nice to me. He is all I want in a man minus two things I think are vital! He is 48yrs I swear this one terrifies me, maka chukwu, if I had known he was this old walahi I for no even reason am. So cause of his age sex with him is horrifying, I keep telling myself this nigga is old enough to have a child my age, the dude is 24yrs older than mue! Jesu! Outside sex and age he is really an amazing guy and romantic in his own way, he cares for me genuinely and he overlooks a lot of my excesses and never looks down on me… I like him to an extent. I’ve tried to ask my sister what she thinks of me getting married to a man 24years older than i am, and she was like God Forbid!!! My sister in-law too… She is like in the long run I would cheat on him….. I’ve been pushing his proposal, and allah I am very sure he would pop the Question this year, wetin I go do? Is he too Old for Me? I dunno I need honest opinions please!

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  1. Babe, forget about his genuine care for you. Start thinking about a genuine future for yourself. What’s the essence of a marriage when you won’t be faithful. If he doesn’t satisfy your sexual urge, you will end up cheating on him. Asides from that, I think he might not be as nice as he seem. He’s probably waiting till he owns your heart to show his true colour.. True love no be scam. This your own, na scam…

  2. 24 years? Mhen! That’s wayyyyyy too much biko. Except if u just want a daddy figure as a hubby. Don’t enter a marriage that u won’t be proud of. Ur parents might nt even consent to it. Ur dad needs a son-in-law, not a new buddie na.

  3. Yes. Age definitely matters. No matter how happy you are when you start, with such a difference in age, you both would drift apart in years to come cos you wouldn’t find a common ground, a common interest, you WILL definitely either end up cheating or remain in a sad relationship if you’re the faithful type. Its a lose-lose for you both.

  4. Go ahead if u have had enough sexually cos the man is close to his prime. And if you want to enjoy your sexual life, find a young blood.

  5. Lol… Some say Age is just a number… If he is 24yrs your senior and looks like he is just 30, it would be awesome.. Without good genes though, someone that much older than you would look like your father. Looks are important by the way. I know financial security is a factor in going for older people, but seriously, do you want to waste your youth with some grandad? Think about it…

  6. At this stage, the saying age is nuffin buh a number won’t work, 24 yrs is too much biko, and if he doesn’t satisfy u sexually u will definetly cheat, so with all said and done, you know what to do. Goodluck with ur

  7. I knw of a friend that is datein an Oyinbo man of same age if not older… if d man just say marry ‘ME’ lasan she go Bemo shapali..lolz. So follow ur heart….

  8. Life is all about the choices we make and the ones that we didn’t make, see my series on “Life and Choices” and you will understand what I am saying.Life is more than niceness or sexiness. Marriage is all about compatibility of vision, purpose and believe. Sit down n objectively look beyond your nose, you stiil have decades ahead of you, don’t sacrifice it on the board of sentimentality.

  9. Wen u met him u didn’t kno he was older dan u abi??? Nw u r scared beta go nd find ur mate nd mari…yea he is matured nd wil surly understand u but mehn 24yrs diff dats a lot 4 u!! Onli if u r comfy wit it, nd if he has d moni d luks nd d all u need…giv it a try!!wen he dies u fit get sugar son by d side…*i. Didn’t type dat o* hav fun wit ur sweethrt

  10. U well ??? Crioxly ?? Is this story Real ??? I mean he’s 24yrs older than u are. What do u expect! That we should say GOAHEAD ??Girl wise up cause u’ll surely reqret it..U may End up cheating.

  11. Ah guess you must have to look beyond now, for how long would he last for you because to me he’s ageless! Marriage is forever, failure to stick with him forever you go against God’s rules! GoodlucK.

  12. My dear,I agree he likes you,but the truth is that …he is also very selfish,ie..He must have enjoyed his youth with other girls..and wants to cling his old self to a younger person..selfish innit…Bottomline is that two of you come from two different generations and if you too get married ..your likes and focuses will drift apart..thereby leading to frequent misunderstandings…and even if he is so nice now,trust me..Courtship and dating is always wonderful when one party intends to keep the other forever..true colors come out 1 year or 2 after marriage…So my advice for to remove your slippers and rruuunnnnnnnnn …. I hope this is helpful ….Twitter @iKPosts_

  13. Dating might’ve worked to a measurable extent but marriage I believe is outta the question here. If it wasn’t a problem it wouldn’t be a problem and we wouldn’t be discussing it here. Forget about the material things you enjoy with him and the guise of calmness he potrays towards your excesses (which would increase if u marry him). Consider something else apart from yourself. How old would your kids be before he says hello to his maker? How many more virile years does he have left before you have to nanny him?Then there’s the superstition of exchanging your youth for his age which would make him always look younger and make I look older than your age.My dear there’s a lot to this than meet the eye and average rationale. Find a man your age bracket and live out your life in peace…..Leonhart

  14. I completely understand what your dilema, but honestly I advice you don’t get married. He is probably taking great care of you but think about it ; Do you want a husband or a father? In circumstances like these younger guys are too immature so you could maybe do ten years or even twelve. With the 24 years age difference there is no way you will be able to relate on those little things. Marriage is a big deal and should be with someone that is ur best friend that no matter what you can still sulk. Sex is very vital in marriage and eventually you will crave this pleasure. The summary of all my mushy talk is deciding whether u want a father as a husband for the rest of your life. I hope I helped.

  15. my comment is probably gonna stir up some emotions cos i see most of these comments coming from ladies and i dont hear anyone scolding this lady for stringing this poor dude along..does being older mean u r sentenced to a life where u dont deserve to be loved? what most of you said makes sense but u r justifying a lady dumping a guy and i m pretty sure if it was the other way round then its gonna be like jerry springer up in here. a lady knows from the word go if she wants to settle with a guy or not so this lady went into this knowing what she wanted and all she needs now is a moral justification for dumping this guy cos some part of her conscience acknowledges all the kindness this guy has shown to her

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