A Guy’s Dilemma VI


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Child? Where? How? John? She stuttered.

The look on John’s mum’s face gave Adenike a scare. She was frightened and surprised at the same time as she slowly moved her gaze to John then looked down at the same pace.

John had a fixed unperturbed look directed at his mum, placed his hand on Adenike’s shoulder to pull her close.

“Where is the child?” John’s mum asked, breaking the silence.

“Err…. Her name is Pamilerin ma, she lives with me in my parents’ house”

“And her father?”

“He denied the pregnancy and I haven’t heard from him since then’

“How old is your daughter?”

“She will turn four by march”

“How…………” (John cuts in)

Mummy, Denike is pregnant, she is carrying my baby. We just found out and decided to come back to inform you.

“Iro o!”, exclaimed John”s mum

The news was a bit too much for John’s mum to gulp all together in that short while but she was trying to. She heaved a deep sigh, sat into the cushion still trying to understand her feelings.

“You mean she’s carrying my grandchild?”

“Yes mum.” John replied. And considering the fact that she already had a child in her parent’s house, it won’t be nice for her to have another one in the same house.

Mum I want us to get married as soon as possible. I can get married even next week. All I need is your consent and blessing.”

After 30seconds of silence. John’s mum finally broke the silence.

“My dear, I also got pregnant before my wedding day but there was a difference. I realized I was pregnant after the wedding date had been fixed. But who am I to judge her? I am not God O! I am not saint… Not even close she said throwing her face to the side with a listless expression and she is carrying my grandchild. My prayer has been answered. My son is finally going to settle down and has given me a grandchild. Since you both want to do this, I can only give all the support I can.

John, since today is Saturday, can we go and see Denike’s parents tomorrow just to get acquainted with them, let them know our intention then pick a day to go visit them with your Uncles. You know we need to inform your Uncles at least a week to the visitation day.

I will take out time to inform them myself during the week.”

John nodded in response and affirmation to his mother’s suggestions.

Adenike was already on her knees in gratitude for her mother-in-law’s understanding. She couldn’t ask for a better mother-in-law.

“eh eh eh ….ma se omo mi lese jo, please get up.” Was John’s mum’s response as she pulled her soon to be daughter-in-law up.


It was soon Sunday morning. Adenike was quick to tell her parents about the visitor they would have as soon as she got home the previous night. Her dad asked why the news came in such a short notice but she was quick to tell them John’s mum will be travelling out of the country soon and might stay there a bit longer than usual, so john decided to hasten the wedding preparations before his mum’s departure.

She apologized to them for the short notice but Her parents were a little bit skeptical but would definitely not tell their daughter to turn a potential suitor away.

Adenike’s mode of worship was far different and could literally spell out her joy. Everyone who knew her in church knew there was something extraordinary about her, she danced like she never had during praises, worship wholeheartedly during worship and was the first the attest to every word that came out of the pastor’s mouth during sermon. She was overwhelmed with joy. Most people could only walk up to her to say ‘your joy shall be permanent’, since they were sure it had to be good news.

The service soon came to an end. They all headed back home without staying for any extra church meeting because of the August visitor. As usual, Pamilerin stayed back to play with the Pastor’s daughter which is a regular sunday ritual for her.

As soon as they got back, Adenike and her mum dashed into the kitchen to prepare some food for the visitors. Adenike kept on telling her mum how wonderful, loving and caring John’s mum has been to her. She told her mum that she had always harbored the fear of having a horrible mother-in-law at the back of her mind, but God smiled down on her even when she does not deserve it.

“God takes care of his own in his own way. He has seen all you went through with the pregnancy even though you had most of the fault.  But he is a merciful God and has finally smiled down on us.”

Just then, Adenike’s phone rang. She smiled and picked. After a short conversation she informed her mum that they were already on their way and should get to their house in no time.

“Alright dear, food is ready too, so they are welcomed to meet us well.” They both laughed, finished what they had left to do and soon went to freshen up. Just as they settled in the sitting room, they heard the gate open and a car drive in.

It can only be John and his mum. Adenike went out to welcome them.

Adenike led the way, ushered John in, then his mother. They were both introduced to Adenike’s mum and was well settled in when Adenike’s mum went to the room to call on her husband.

She came back to inform them that he would with them in a bit.

Adenike’s dad walks into the sitting room, without anyone noticing due to the chitchat and greeting. He got everyone’s attention when he shouted at the top of his voice with so much fury…..”Yejide Owolabi! What are you doing in my house?


Episode VII


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  1. The mother already danced after hearing the pregnancy news in episode V. Why did she sound surprised again in this episode?

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