Should i take him back?

should i take him back

Hello there, I guess you thought the ‘Dear Elsians” segment doesn’t function anymore? Naaa, I just don’t see the need to make up stories that isn’t real to get opinions from you all. The literature and opinion categories are enough to fictionalize. A reader sent this mail from Zambia and would love to have your opinion. Kindly read through and share your advice in the comment box. She is waiting for hear from you. Thank you

“Am a girl aged 22 turning 23 next month. I’ve been dating this guy for over 9yrs, our relationship is an on and off thing. He left me to date other girls like twice. He dated the 1st one for about a year, in that year he would tell me he is not seeing her any more so we would get back then I’ll later find out that they are still together and yeah, we would break up again, then they eventually they broke up and we got back and we were happy.

He promised he will never repeat what he did but he did it again because we had some misunderstanding because of his insecurities that gets him upset every time I don’t pick up his call or when I go out with my friend, so that led to us breaking up. He started dating another girl and we had been on and off with him because he was still with this other girl and was lying to me, I called the girl and asked how long they’ve been together and she told me they’ve  been together for almost 3years that it’s been an on and off thing for them as well.

So it’s like he would go to her when he argues with me and vice versa but now he says he’s changed and has made up his mind he wants to be with me. I’ve confirmed that they are officially done with the other girl, he seems serious this time, but am scared it just might be one of his old habits or maybe he is realized that he really loves me because he dumped the other girl for no reason and I asked him why he did that he told me that he did that because he realized that he can’t do without me…

Should I take him back and give him another chance? Am so confused please help me ASAP before I make a mistake”

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  1. Once bitten, twice shy, thrice…what?He is playing with your emotions girl. And even if he claims he is serious with u now and the relationship leads to marriage, whenever u two have issues, how sure are u that he wouldn’t repeat the same mistake of seeking solace outside in the arms of another woman, probably an old flame…Love aint meant to be this way Let him go.

  2. He must be a good footballer.If a persons fails you once shame to him but if twice then shame on you.

    1. hmmm… When I was young, that quote used to be “If a person fools you once…”How things change.

  3. Ladies are just so easy to deal with when it get to love but when money get involves na #die ooo

  4. Continue with him jare..the devil u knw is…… u’ve been dating since 13yrs, u should av garnered experience nauU dey 1 class since 9yrs, u no pass, u no fail…ur brain need to be sundried

  5. Any woman built and willing to accept these inconsistency in a relationship needs no advise at all. It’s a crazy world I tell yah

  6. You are a young lady who started dating so young. I’m wondering how old this guy is? I think you need time to really grow up outside of a relationship. My advice is to take a break from him. Reinvent yourself. See yourself without him cause it seems he’s been there almost all your life. See if you enjoy the new you without him. See if he can live with the new you without him. Will he run to date someone else the moment you tell him you need a break? If he does then he doesn’t love you cause if he does he won’t run to the next available woman just because you guys are having issues. Take care of you

  7. na wa o…..they say love is blind ..but @ least it should be sensible enough to reason. I wont tell u to leave him or stay but if you know you can cope with this behavior of his when you guyz finally tie the knot,then go ahead……….some people got brainz but they refuse to reason with it.

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