She’s Sleeping with Her Cousin

sleeping with her cousin

Dear Elsians,I am writing this on behalf of a friend of mine who would probably kill me if she finds out. The thing is, I cannot keep it to myself; I am very confused and I want to be sure that I am not being judgmental.

My friend came to my house very excited a couple of months ago. When I asked her why, she told me that she was just coming back from an outing with her cousin. I wondered why she looked so flustered and excited and I asked. She told me that he was such a nice guy and blah blah blah. We joked over it and I told her to take it easy. I noticed that something was off when I jokingly asked her to hook me up with this Mr nice cousin and she got angry. I apologized and she did same and that was that.

Forward to some weeks later, my friend confides in me that she mistakenly slept with Mr. nice cousin. She is sleeping with her cousin. I talked and talked and advised her and she cried and agreed that it was wrong and won’t happen again. A few days later, she came back to tell me that they talked about it and agreed to stop but the chemistry between them was too strong and it happened again. Again,I talked and talked about incest and its troubles, she agreed and left again. This trend happened again and again until I got tired of talking.

I recently found out that she is five months pregnant for him now and the worse part is that they are on their way to abort the baby. What Advice would you have me give her, because i just got tired of talking? Any special help for such cases? Please, help me!!! It is urgent.

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  1. There is no winning in this situation unfortunately 🙁 I am usually a bank of advice but this one pass me sef. I think she should pray for forgiveness from God. I would say do not abort but that child is just wrong!!! Infact, this one hard o

  2. Well… Certain mistakes breeds misfortune. However, is this a mistake? I think its best to severe the relationship by keeping a distance. Let the child live, cos that will make them realise how heavy their mistake is, let her seek for forgiveness, and move on. Abortion will only lead to a greater misfortune. She will either lose her life, or live. If she lives, the incest will continue.

  3. I swear me self weak… Not being judgmental here but common that’s so wrong you don’t let the fact ur Blood kuzin is nice to u and bang him haba which kind of chemistry biko? God alone can forgive this sin and about the baby abortion is a sin yes. But I wouldn’t want to be a child born out of such atrocity…

  4. Me I weak die, but d bible said we shld not judge, let her leave d pregnancy, abortion may lead to death, nd let her go close to Baba nd cry to Him for 4giveness. All have sinned nd we still sin everyday but pls Dear, stay away from blood relationship it kills too

  5. Ask urself dis question wat wud u do if u r product of ur mom and her cousin and they kept d secret from u Al dis while, deed has been done move on and make amends but I hope d chemistry is dead now or else u myt just hav another baby. Wait a minute do ur family members know baby dada?

  6. If this girl n her cousin were 10-12yr old kids,I’d feel sorry for em both cos they probably wouldn’t have it in em to think about consequences.Adults should be able to think abt consequences @ least if not in all circumstances,situations such as this beg 4 self restraint and control. Now it’s beyond redemption.At 5months, an abortion poses a grave risk to d girl,I don’t even like abortion to begin with,it’s like punishing someone else 4 one’s miscalculations n mistakes. So birthing the child ‘s the best option. Staying away 4rm her cousin now ‘s kinda like ‘medicine after death’, the deed ‘s been done.Its unfortunate tho cos truly she may be in love wif her cousin n vice versa.

  7. Hmmm elsieisy thanx so mch for the. Wonderful article wow,its true d deed has already bin dne so all dey have to do is make amends our Lords’ mercy speaks louder dan HIS judgement kus His a MeRciful God, life goes on bt it has to all stp.

  8. Dis is a crazy world really,dis is just lyk witchcraft,in my culture d children of d girl all wil die if she did not confessed and if d taboo is nt cleansed,my keen advice here is they shld confess and ask God for 4giveness and promised neva to try it again,if u ar a normal human ur body can’t move wen u ar wit any of ur blood relation.Rubish.

  9. Dats incest, but i don’t think it meant anything to dem cos i equally have a friend who sleeps with his sister(married sister) so y ur so called friend fuming? ….she asked for it:*

  10. So far the affairs has end up on pregnancy let them start prepare for wedding bcos they should both think bf but now it is too late.

  11. I read the post and the replies, and someone said she should keep the child, i wonder how she will feel weneva she sees the child, i think the only available solution is to abort the baby and suffer whatever consequences that come after dat, she has committed the sin already. Just my opinion though.

  12. Phweeew….Nawatically ooO!! I’d advice dy qo c A̶̲̥̅̊ councillor or xmfin,cuz abortion is A̶̲̥̅̊ sin YES buh ℓ̊ won’t rathr advice dm 2 Ђλ√ǝ †ђξ baby eithr…jx ask God 4 4qivness n probably A̶̲̥̅̊ way outta such situation….He alone has †ђξ final solution who knws,he myt decyd 2 let Ɣ☺ΰ loose †ђξ baby xmhow or let Ɣ☺ΰ Ђλ√ǝ it 4 A̶̲̥̅̊ purpose!! PEACE

  13. Them dont ve 2 abort d baby, if they where aborted they won’t ve been alive today.

  14. Very incredible but realistic. If true! Don’t panic for their idiotic act, better splite friendship of u & her. My friend attitude might be me someday while not careful.

  15. My take: if they are both adults and ready to take responsibility for their actions ,just ask her if she is fully aware of the consequence and outcome of her actions

  16. are u sure they are really blood relations? I can’t fathom why one would be attracted to his/her family member? It’s not normal, IMHO. It’s d poor baby in d equation that is now a major concern. Where are their relations? They need to be informed. cryMy humble submission

  17. Where i come from is a taboo once she gives birth afta 7 days she will die nd d baby will b abnormal

  18. It happens everyday now,only God saved me once from my Cousin,we kissed and some other trash,we almost had sex…the Flesh na Fool oo!

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