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I'm Extraordinary - elsieisy blog

By Elijah Kehinde Gabriel

I don’t go for free shows,I get paid to come,I’m the greatness that the greatest want to become.

graced that I’m Grace itself,I’m the mountain that Everest call mountain.

I’m a beast, i know no fearI’m the king of the lions den.I’m the bird that eagles look up to.so bright the sun needs a shade to look up to.

I’m the time you work with,the laws you guide yourself with.I’m the government, I’m the people,I’m the freedom every prisoner seeks.

I’m the image in the mind of the blind, the voice in the mind of the deaf.I’m the hero’s hero,The speed that Flash wants to surpass

I’m a priceless jewel,The business you want to invest in,your fortress would seek refuge in my fortress

I’m wealth that the wealthiest taste for,hope that the hopeless wait for.

I’m the engine in your car,the hard drive in your computer,d server to your internet.

more dynamic than the brain,I’m the IQ you can’t surpass.I’m your inspiration, your innovation, your motivation.

I’m the security you needlike the spice in your food, I spice up your life.

I’m the senses you perceive,the id you must satisfyI’m more viral than virus itself.

I’m the guy every lady yearns for,a husband every woman desires,the father every child wishes to have.

I’m the boss you want to work for,the experience you want to acquire,the job you can not retire.

My home is costlier than all valuables put together,I’m the apple of God’s eye.I’m the Love you’ll always have,the man after God’s heart.

I’M ELIJAH,I’M KEHINDE,I’M GABRIEL.I serve a God that other gods bow to..

Image source – Joao Machado’s map collage

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