“A Lot of Men Are Not Likeable”

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When it comes to marriage and the alarming reports of divorce and separation, many are left wondering what this generation isn’t doing right. We may have found the perfect response as a twitter user – @DapperDomo responds to a now deleted tweet on what went wrong with marriage in this generation.

In his opinion (a now trending twitter thread), he says “a lot of men are not likeable” and many twitter users agree. Check out his submission below:

“Men have to now get women to like them and a lot of men aren’t likable.

Let’s be honest about the situation. How many generation of men in history have ever had to get women to like them in order to have women be with them?

We’re probably the first to ever have this. So nobody knows what to do. 

We’re 2 generations removed from a woman not being able to have a bank account without a man, 3 to 4 generations removed from when they couldn’t buy a home, couldn’t work, couldn’t get educated and they couldn’t do anything without a man. Women quite literally used to need a man. So they had to be with somebody regardless of if they liked the man or not. Today they truthfully don’t. They can leave your ass and be perfectly fine, hell some of them might be better off. 

Your grandfather was probably a horrible husband. Like at best he was probably emotionally distant and patriarchal. Men used to have two whole families miles apart from each other and was emotionally abusive to both. That’s not flying today, & truthfully speaking it shouldn’t.  A lot of men want the same relationships they saw their families had but never thought to ask if the women were happy in those situations.

The real answer is a lot of them weren’t. 

So fast forward to today where a woman truthfully speaking don’t need a man. You have to come harder than your ancestors. You’ve got to have some substance.  And a lot of these men just don’t got no substance.

Man! ..y’all had some terrible grandparents.”

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