Scribbles of Our Stupidity!!! – 6

Scribbles of Our Stupidity!!! - 1 - elsieisy blog

By Samuel Oluwatobi Olatunji.

“Baby boy, what happened? Who died? I have never seen you this serious?”“Are you saying I can never be serious in my life?”“Well, you know you are too stupid to be serious?”“Is that an insult?”“Do you insult yourself whenever you tag yourself as a Stupidist?”“Stupidist is a philosopher of Stupidism, not an insulting terminology”“Only God knows what you are talking about… I am only interested in the seriousness on your face as a caring girlfriend”“Well, I just want to know how it feels to be serious”“So how does it feel?”“It feels stupid”“Are you serious? Not again…”“Well, really, it feels very stupid… I doubt if I can ever be serious in my life”“Wait, are you serious about not being serious in life?”“Not sure… who knows?”“You mean our relationship is not serious? You mean what we have is a joke?”“No, not that way… shit! How can I explain this now?”“Explain anyhow please”“I love you… I will always love… you mean the world to me… without you, there will be no sense in my nonsense… even cupid knows that you are the only one that can make my being stupid sweet. So I love you…”“hhhmmmm… ok oooo… I have heard”“But seriously, how do I look with my serious face?”“Well, you look ugly really.”“Exactly… thank God you know that”“Do you want to be the girlfriend of an ugly boy?”“Well, it’s like asking me if I want to date a baboon, and the answer is hell no”“Well, with money, an ugly boy can become a fine boy sha like quite a number of Nigerian musicians and comedians.”“Na you sabi that one ooo… I have no comment”“You have no comment because I’m saying the truth”“Whatever… now wipe that seriousness away from your face if you don’t want me to go get the kitchen rag and wipe it off myself”“Please get the rag”“Don’t dare me ooo”“hmmm… interesting.. I dare you!”“Are you sure that’s your final answer? You don’t want to phone a friend or ask the audience?”“ehm, nope. I’m sure. I dare you. Final answer.”“Awesome… it’s time for action film… watch me now, watch me now now… I will be back in a jiffy”“No wahala… safe journey……….” ***“hahahaha… the coward has run away… just sleep outside today oooo. Anyway, no matter where you sleep, I will be waiting for you in your dream… stay safe because I still love you sha… hahahahahahahahahahha”Click HERE for previous parts of Scribbles of Our Stupidity!!!

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