Life Without You

By Sanchez Aisosa

Standing by the door hooked on your loveStaring at your face like i had always doneBeen drinking soaked my heart in alcohol to denature these feelingsCant drink you away tried that every eveningBeen miserable nothing’s moved forward since you moved onBottle to my head as i watch you groove onCant understand how you can live without me when i cant do same without youWatching you flirt as he toys with pick up linesMade up your mind cant seen to pick up mineBeen in these clothes for two weeks straightSo much sorrow in my head cant think straightSuicidal thoughtsSeven heavens, how the hell did i not appreciate your worthJumping on my phone insane expectation with every beepFor every disappointment i just shut my eyes and take a sipAll i see in that darkness is your body on mineKissing on every angle shocking how you changed my mindThink i will go back smokingCause life without you is unimaginableSo how do i live a life i cant imagine

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