#Blogfest: Rejection

#Blogfest: Rejection

#Blogfest 2:0, Day 12 – #30dayscountdownto2016Sometimes when we’re hurting and struggling to feel good about ourselves, the way we talk about it, our blanket reason for why something did or didn’t happen, pretty much boils down to rejection. We tend to make things about our worth, whether we’re ‘good enough’, what we think we did or didn’t do, and likely analyse everything. When we are hopeful and feeling great about someone, there is two of you but once things go pear shaped, it is solely about you even though it’s about him/her/ the situation. We end up rejecting ourselves because we decide that that other person’s behaviour is provoked by our worth and what we did or didn’t do enough of.We can feel rejected because:We experienced disappointmentA person wouldn’t change for usWe misjudged a situationWe were or felt criticisedWe got called out on somethingOur feelings weren’t reciprocatedWe all feel rejected at one point or the other and for various reasons relationship or otherwise. The truth is everyone has some level of rejection. We all have ‘rejection behaviours’, you know those certain things that we do when we feel slighted, wounded, or believe that we’re in line to experience it.It’s so easy to make ‘everything’ or at least anything you don’t like about you. What really drives each and every one of us are our habits and the decisions we make, often without thinking, are about how we feel about us in the context and how much of our potential to be vulnerable is being limited.It’s so easy to fall into the trap of over-emphasising everything, the whys and hows but it’s usually best to move on and let it go.Sometimes moving is all you need. Don’t let anyone or anything make you feel less of who you really are.Stay beautiful

Written by Chantel, She blogs at C’s blog


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  1. Hi ChantelYou are so right. Rejection does damage one self esteem. Thanks for sharing your insight on this topic. Take Care

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