“Revenge is a dish that tastes best when it is cold”- Don Corleone, 1969.

***********12:21pm 05-06-2009Pauli sat down at his study, deep in thought. Mrs. Berkeley brought him tea and he thanked his wife in the most superfluous phrases:”Thanks honeycomb“.She threw him a raised eyebrow. ‘Is this man okay?’ She thought.He took the cup and sipped slowly as his wife left the study. He put down the cup and smiled, he knew what to do. His father’s death would finally be avenged and he knew just how.***********1:00 am 06-06-2009Mr Pauli Berkeley sneaked into the room, past the woman sleeping on the bed and snoring slightly. He picked the sleeping baby up, out from her cot and turned noiselessly on the tip of his toe, returning the way he had come, he accidentally stepped on a toy and it squeaked. He froze, holding the sleeping baby to his chest. The woman rolled over and stepped into another gear of sleep, her snore had lowered to loud breathing.He walked past the open door and down to the garage, he kissed the baby and picked the polythene bag from the table with his left hand. He looked at the baby and his heart broke at what he was about to do to the poor innocent child, who was about to pay for the sin of her father. His eyes blurred and he realized that tears were streaming down his cheeks, he put the bag over the baby’s head and pulled it tightly close.”Pauli?” His wife’s voice floated in through the door. She saw the suffocating baby and Pauli heard her sharp gasp.He continued squeezing as the baby struggled with her weak arms.”Nooooooooooooooooooooo!” Mrs Berkeley screamed as she rushed at him and using her weight knocked them all to the ground.Pauli didn’t go for either of them, he sat on the floor and slowly repeated:“I am sorry“.Mrs. Berkeley had taken the polythene bag off the baby’s head and pronounced like Dr doom: “She’s dead!“.”Murderer! Murderer!” She screamed and ran out of the garage.***********2:12 am 06-06-2015Detective John looked at Mr. Pauli Berkeley and remembering the account Mrs Berkeley had just narrated, his anger grew.”What is your name?” Detective John asked, starting with the proper interrogation questions was a laid down rule because all he wanted was to grab the man who had just killed his own daughter and throw him against a wall and after putting two bullets in his both knees and hear him bleed out the confessions.”I had to kill her” Pauli answered.”Is that your name?” John asked.”You don’t understand, do you?” Pauli asked.John sat himself in the chair opposite Pauli, and said in a voice that showed his anger: “Make me”.”I had to avenge my father’s death“”The baby killed your Father“”No“So?“”Your father did John Sepple, and I will kill you for it“John gasped and reached for his side arm, but Pauli was out of his handcuffs already (he had practiced this scence for eight years). He swung the tea mug on the table at John and threw him to the ground. He picked one of the mugs shattered pieces and as the other cops who had been listening to the interrogation rushed in, Pauli slit John’sthroat.Five guns were pointed simultaneously at Pauli, he raised his hands and turned slowly, facing their boss Lieutenant Sepple he said: “How does it feel murderer“.Lieutenant Sepple looked at his son’s body, blood pouring from his throat and screamed: “Someone get a freaking ambulance!

Written  by Obinna Omotayo Jones

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