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When I have to talk about an issue twice in a month I make a point to blog about it no matter how small it might seem. The issue today is light skinned guys. As you might be able to tell I am on team #lightskin and I have to say there are some notions about being light skinned that worry me but more than any other one is the idea that being light skinned somehow makes a guy better looking. I have had girls say to me ‘you are just good looking because you are light skinned’. Like WTF, that’s like telling someone they are beautiful because they have green eyes on dark skin…it is what it is.

Before we get into too much intellectual masturbation on how beauty as an aesthetic criteria is subject to the observer and hence their culture etc etc, I will like to point out that this article is aimed to address the current Western and African perception of beauty. I have read that the Asians (far east) love their skin as pale as possible. Save me the cultural and philosophy lesson and work with me on this one.

It is known that some white people tan and some black people bleach, but light skinned people always seem somewhat comfortable in their lane. Hmmm…and what’s up with sexualized males in the public eyes. Has anyone ever noticed that for a dark guy to be sexualized he has to come with some serious six pack. But look at Drake, even from his more chubby days every other girl wanted to have his baby


I am trying to conduct a study of this light skin phenomenon so I would like to know what you guys think about it and if someone can be kind enough to point me to at least one male dark skinned celebrity that has made it to GQ magazine as a sex symbol with a body like Drakes. A lady friend has posed this task to me to prove that light skinned guys have an unfair advantage and I seem to be losing at the moment.

P.S There is beauty in every skin tone

Written by William Moore -
Written by William Moore –

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  1. Its not just about guys o. They see a light skinned babe and just believe she wont be fine if she were to be black. I just don’t argue. No matter how you tell them ‘black is beautiful’, they will still bleach

  2. Ok, Denzel is one. I think the ladies would have more to say concerning this. If we are talking about the female folk, i think light-skinned is more beautiful despite the notion that black is beautiful (An unsuccesful attempt to give dark-skinned peeps hope)… and, this is a very personal opinion.

  3. I prefer dark skinned guys to light skinned ones, I think sometimes they look gay,lol. But light skin fits women better cos selecting clothes n makeup is easier compared to dark skinned women.But in all, weather you’re fine or not, if you have a fine beautiful skin, you’ll look prettier than you actually are. #myopinion

  4. Light skinned ppl just look neat whereas if you are too black and u get sweaty you look dirty. I feel that’s the advantage light skinned ppl have over dark. Light skinned, dark skinned I don’t care. To me the heart is all that matters

    1. Truly, the heart is all that matter. But so dark skinned people look dirty? hian

      1. I didn’t say so, I said those that are very black when they sweat. But u and me knows looks r not always wat they seem

  5. I don’t know about other ladies but i love my man DARK as chocolate!! Anytime, anywhere

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