I Love you But what is your GENOTYPE

So let’s go back to the day I stumbled across this really cute girl in the bus. I guessed she caught my attention because her beauty was stunning. I had to look at myself over, to make sure my usual untidiness wasn’t on the menu of my dressing that day. Another reason she stood out is because her eyes were puffy. I noticed she kept choking and biting her lips to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall out. My Aquarius nature to always sort out issues got the better of me. I was determined to find out what could make such a pretty little thing hurt so bad. But going with my guts, I assumed the boyfriend probably dumped her or she was pregnant or she found her boyfriend cheating. What else?

So I asked “are you okay?” No response. I tried again “Is something wrong?” She shrugged a bit. I decided to attack it head on. “You know talking to a stranger might help. I have no attachments”. For the first time, she raised her head and then shoved her cellphone into my hands. When I looked at it, this is what it said

“I luv u, but wot is ur genotype. Am AS”

Tai! SMS has made rubbish of what we were taught in school ohgenotype issues

Before I go on, let’s have a brief tutorial from Dr. Lara Idowu.

Genotype is genetic makeup of an organism or group of organisms with reference to a single trait, set of traits or an entire complex of traits. It is the sum total of genes transmitted from parent to offspring. It is the codes in your DNA. It stores your data from birth to death.

And we have different types, depending on where you are from. In Nigeria we have AA, AS, SS and the not so common ones SC and AC. I will only talk about the common ones.

The AAs:Their blood cells have NO issues with oxygen carrying capacity. They are prone to malaria.

The ASes:They are strong as well. However the S component in their blood has issues when it comes to oxygen carrying capacities. Their cells become deformed, but the A component makes up for it

The SSes:They have lots of issues when it comes to oxygen carrying capacity. During this particular process, their cells become deformed. This eventually clogs the blood vessels and reduces the oxygen that gets to the tissues.

In order to avoid the continuous production of human beings with these deformities, the AS and the SS are often advised to produce offspring with the AAs

No wonder the girl was in tears….

I have been taught to always see life from a positive perspective, so I was quick to respond. I said “so…he is AA” right? She shook her head and tried to show me his response. I refused. My heart already told me the answer.

In the midst of her tears, she said “and I really love this guy. I cannot live without him”. I know my next words were harsh, but I responded and said “of course you can.” I guess that came not from my sympathetic side, but from the side that life and its issues have dealt with.

Enough with my history, back to my story, I returned to the sympathetic side and said, well, if you are ready to live with the consequences, by all means, go ahead. I am a firm believer in love. I believe love will help both of you work it out.

The next stop was mine. I told her and she responded in a dainty voice. “Okay. Thanks a lot”. We both knew she wasn’t satisfied. I also knew the relationship was nearing its end. I wasn’t even ready to exchange contact. I had too much on my plate to add this one to it, so I said goodbye and bailed!

…my favorite fan is of the opinion that anyone with any ounce of the sickle-cell genotype whether it is AS or SS, should just stick to marrying an AA. You already know my stance. I was still holding on to this opinion until I shared the contents of my conversation with an elderly uncle. His response was

Is love really worth all that stress?”

I would like to know what you all think. Let the comments roll in.

Written by Tope Olofin (@toperants)


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  1. Hard decision to make when it come to Genotype incompatibility but the two must always know that the outcome of there action will affect everyone connected to them. Awesome note!

  2. Hard decision to make when it comes to Genotype incompatibility but the two must always remember that the outcome of there action will impact everyone around them. Awesome note and excellent blog layout

  3. Unless you wear the shoes…Nice post Elsie. I’m AS, and currently in a relationship with an AS girl. And yes. I plan to go all the way.Now truth be told, the 1st question you ask a stranger isn’t her genotype. A level of communication must have been established before this comes up. However, it pays to know your genotype & if like me you are AS, to find out your partner’s as soon as possible.There’s so many things I can say in support of it & against it but that is story 4 another day.(I’d like to share this post)Pius.

    1. Good luck in ur adventure but remember u were once told about the ordeal of the consequences.!!!

  4. In my humble opinion anyone willing to have an AS & AS relationship needs to be resolved to not having kids or undergoing screening and abortion if needed. I know a couple of families with SS kids….it is never a happy tale. Not that it isn’t doable, but the effort can even ruin a marriage and family. The whole point of living in the 21st century is that we now know better. I am not a believer in love as an emotion. I believe in love as a concept. Just because I love a girl isn’t to say we must be together.

  5. thanks elsieisy for this post… but i think people should no longer make such mistake of marrying an AS if ure an AS or SS marrying AS all in d name of love when u knw d risk involved. Well, for me i feel people now have a better understanding except dey choose to be ignorant about it….

  6. I am AS. My first attempt at marriage @23 was ruined due to the AS+AS issue. Now I’m 26, still single cos all the guys I meet are AS. Th only AA I found was a complete asshole. Genotype has stopped being a priority to me since then. If I love him, I’m going ahead.

    1. Am as my girlfriend is as we are planning to do gene engineering with ivf sowe can ascertain our childrens genotype. And peole dont say shit about love if you truly fall inlove you will see how painfull this as stuff is.

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