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As bloggers, the number of subscribers we have is not the only yardstick to measure our number of followers. There are lots of readers that would rather bookmark your blog URL  than take time out to subscribe.

I appreciate all my Readers. Which ever category you fall in, whether you come to my blog though my twitter account, my Facebook group, Facebook page, Facebook profile, Nairaland, Instagram, Bbm Channel ( C002984DE – Elsieisy’s blog), etc, I appreciate you all.

I love you 🙂

But since you are here already, Kindly subscribe before leaving, its the best bet to get every update here on this blog first and straight to your mail box.

Step 1 – If you viewing the web version, Just look at the top right and find a dialogue almost like this one belowsubscribe to elsieisyIts not as similar but you get what you should do right? Put in your email address to the box just below the “subscribe to Elsieisy via Email” and click subscribe.

Step 2 – Proceed to your email inbox to confirm subscription. We don’t want to be sent to your spam you know.

It’s that simple.

On mobile view, just scroll right down after this article or any post here and subscribe. Quite simply.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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