LOOOOL, I will just  paste this matter the way I got it. Please feel free to use the comment box. Thank you.

“Elsie…I don get problem oooo.,dis our new maid na fool. Last week, I was alone in the house with her, i was in the bathroom brushing and she came and said,

Oga, u wan baff?

I was surprised and said yes…she left. I was still wearing my boxers though…….this morning now, my wife left the house earlier than I did and she came to meet me in the bedroom….she said,

“Oga, dis one Madam dey lock door every time she wan commot….Me I wan fuck o.!”

I now said….oh, the forks are in the kitchen now….she said

“No be that type o say her body dey do somehow.!!!”

I was like,are you okay.? and she said “Sorry sir” and left….as I dey office now sef., i still dey laugh.=)) meanwhile I would tell my wife that this gal can’t work with us. What do you think abeg? “


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  1. Hahahahaha. thls is a funny one. Wahala dey o. Better to tell your wife about it. This kind maid dats asking oga for sex ain’t ordinary o, this is an agent sent to destroy your home

  2. Hahahahahahahaaa……….dis is serious mehn. make Oga borrow her fcuk now even if na once.! *pickrace*

  3. Abegg ooo. Tell that devil to get behind you oo. Better tell your wife before you enter gbegee

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