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PLEA: it’s been a really long time since I penned anything down, so please bear with me if I exhibit the slightest incoherence. Slowly but surely, I’ll get my Mojo back.CAVEAT: this blog post is my opinion and mine only, agree or not, just don’t ‘enter’ comments and starting ‘jam-talking’, if e too pepper you, write ya own. Shikena.This issue of marriage and the way our society has taken it, can be somewhat annoyingly frustrating.1. A girl starts getting undertones and insinuations from her family members, from age 24, they become brazen when she’s hitting 30. Ki lo de?! Una must rush her ni. Making it seem like after 30yrs, her life will likely grind to a halt.2. Boy meets girl, they start talking, liking each other, next thing, she pops the question ‘what’s your genotype?’. Haba! Slow down Mama, I’m just getting to know you. Want to know if we are actually that compatible.3. Boy is unemployed for some time, then he gets a paid job and the next thing he starts hearing ‘you need to start getting ready for marriage’. Ahnahn! You won’t even give him time settle into the new direction life is taking him.4. The aforementioned scenarios play out everyday in our lives and that of friends, which is what prompted this write-up. The inspiration came from a ‘Wine & Beer, Off & On Licence’ gathering of them boiz, so please forgive me, I may just be acting under the influence of alcohol.5. I’m not in any way saying you don’t have to know genotype, but please, you don’t just throw that question early, get to even know if you can date the dude, not skipping foreplay and going straight into the act.6. With these few words of mine, I hope I’ve been able to confuse you and not convince you.NOTE: pure ramblings of an idle unemployed mind are not to be taken serious. If you feel this blog post is about you, please do ‘unfeel’ it. Lotsa peeps can relate, not just you.

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