Charming The Storm Away

Charming The Storm Away

By Damilare Rilycks

(Rainbow after the storm)

Through the turbulent rain that precedes the foggy storm

I trudged on wearily even though my joints were out worn

Often the slightest bit of ray brighten my hopes

But no sooner did they emerge, with the dark cloud they too eloped

My hopes all blown up like it collided against a giant iceberg

Alas, my new found vigour was nothing but a slurry mirage

But I’m never the type to retreat, after each failed step I took another

Although the wear and tear of this turbulent sojourn almost brought my body and soul asunder

I pressed on, trudged on and through the storm I never looked back

Holding on to the promise of a brighter day gave me the needed knack


Why does my own sunny day seems like it’s never going to come?

Gazing intently at the sky for a silver lining but I could see no sun

How long more will I be able to hold on to this worn out perseverance?

I was right at the sloppy edge where I was being pushed to the limit of human endurance

That perilous point where my optimism gave way to pessimism

And my sense of idealism overtaken by blunt realism

Just then, a ray of sunshine flashed a smile down from the foggy cloud I least expected

It shone so brightly I had to dodge till my weary gaze adapted

No! “This must be one of those slurry mirage” I screamed aloud

I’m not falling for this trick, no way i’m getting fooled this time around


Of course, there was so little reason to trust and much more to doubt

Even if life was a painted portrait, I need to know what this picture is all about

Then I realised it was no mirage, there was colour and warmth to go with it

The rainbow I craved so much is so close that I can almost touch it

It felt so good to be true after all the yearning in futility

The splendour, it’s warmth and the shades of blossoming colour all within its vicinity

She is finally here to charm the turbulent storm away

The all too familiar storm has finally driven the elusive rainbow my way

My rainbow has been here only a short while but the storm is now a distant memory

Farewell, I bade the storm and please don’t come back with your penury

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