Forge On

forge on

I will not break,Let it all crumble by the siege of an enraged quakeBut I will not bulge,Neither bend with the winds forceOr neglect the path of my course.I know the timesAnd perceive the seasonsYet I need fewer reasonsTo have my faith lit as lamps of the virgins.Who spake of the journeybeing rid of pits and spikes?Thus speaks such unforgiving lies.For the trek to dreams harbourIs one of bewitched pain and loneliness.Few would understand the logic,Besides goals need make little meaning.Many would scorn your effortsAnd in your isolated moments you shall weep in dire silence.Amidst the surge of all this,Find peace then,In the future you foreseeAnd in God that shall neither leave nor forsake thee.

Chidera Nnaeto esq 


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